Thoughts on the YSL Ostrich Muse and a Birkin sighting.

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  1. I saw the YSL muse in ostrich dark brown today in the large size (not oversized) and was very enamored. It has leather lining. I think the bag is $3,400 about. Would anyone say this is a worthy buy? I have been wondering lately if it is not better to buy fine skins and less than leather and more. Any thoughts? I feel I can justify a bag with leather on the inside and a fine skin on the outer more than a leather bag with a fabric lining, does anyone feel this way? Is skin in?

    Speaking of skins, a friend of mine went into a Hermes in her state (not mine sadly) and saw a crocodile Birkin with green handles and green interior for about $25,000. (Is that a good one?) She wanted to buy it to resell it on ebay, but I said that is probably too risky. I mean who actually puts down that sort of money on ebay? I have been wondering: are all the Birkins on ebay fake, is it even safe at all to buy one there? I have been wanting a birkin myself, however I see they go for much better prices on ebay, which means they must be fake, right? How to tell? Oddly enough, though I have been a seller I can't even stomach being a buyer.

    Love to all the bloggers!
  2. I don't like the YSL Muse :shame: I'm not a big fan of exotic skins, either. Python creeps me out, and the only bags I've seen in ostrich that I like are the Chanel classic flap bag that Megs did a blog entry on a little while ago, and Sweetea's Ferragamo ostrich bag.

    As far as buying a Birkin on eBay goes, I wouldn't do it. It's just too much money for me to spend on eBay, and you run the risk of it being fake. For that amount of money, I'll wait for the bag, buy it from the boutique, and err on the side of caution.
  3. I think you gave your friend good advice. People put down lots of money on Ebay, but for a purchase like that there are other alternatives. Also, on 25,000 how much more would you make? I think there is a market on ebay for the lower priced(?) Birkin bags.
  4. I am not comfortable with exotic skins. It's just wrong IMO. As far as Birkins go I don't think it's a good idea to try to sell a real one, especially an exotic skin, on ebay. I think someone who was in the market for that kind of bag would not be surfing the net. I would think that buyer would go to an Hermes store.
  5. this feeling on exotic skins confuses me - why is killing a snake or ostrich worse than killing a cow? as far as i know, it's a similar process. i'm really not trying to start an argument, i just want to know the reasoning behind it because i've heard people say it before but never explain their train of thought.
  6. I have the large chocolate ostrich muse. It is a gorgeous bag!
  7. I think that because of laws etc. protecting these animals and the rarity of the skin the bags are more valuable. Rarity, which is the key reason diamonds are so expensive, is the key to luxury. If the skin is hard to get it is expensive. It has nothing to do with being worse. I find it more luxurious because a cow is such a mass produced animal, we rob it of milk, meat, cover our couches and cars with it, make jackets, pants etc. Leather has become the most common skin. If you are going to pay $2000+ for a bag, should it not be different than what your car seat is made of?

    I hate python, however. Too creepy. And I do feel badly for the ostrich sometimes, if I dwell on it.

    As for the birkin, my friend was wondering if the rarity of the birkin would add to its value. If a Birkin only come into a boutique 2-3 times a month at most, and let's say only once or twice a year an a croc one comes in, and people are virtually kissing the feet of their SAs and camping out outside Hermes to get one, then there is a very limited number of that purse available, and maybe someone desperate enough would buy it on ebay for $5,000 more. Who knows? I don't.
  8. I'm with amanda; I don't understand the reasoning either. I do admit, however, that I don't do fur, but only because to me it has an ostentatious "rich b@#$h" look to it, not because I want to appease animal lovers.
  9. What provoked you to get it? What solidified your choice over other bags?
  10. i'm not asking why it's more expensive - as a luxury goods consumer, i completely understand why that is. kat said, though, that she doesn't like exotics because they're 'just wrong,' not because they're expensive, so i would like to know why they're 'wrong.' i'm assuming she meant wrong in a moral sense.
  11. i don't do fur either, for a lot of reasons (it's too hot in georgia, it's not cute, it's pretencious-looking, and the process seems to be more cruel to acquire it), but i just don't get the distinction between leather and exotics.
  12. Oh, I did not think anyone had stated that it is more wrong to kill one animal over another.

    It is true that one life cannot be better than another, however I think things change when you talk about endangered species.

    I am sorry if my response was simplistic and off point. It is 5:10am here, I have not gone to bed yet, and I need to get some sleep!
  13. I think that part of what you pay for is the material. It is really a personal decision as to what is a better material. However if you are going to base your choice on what is the most rare material as being the best, as we often do, you have to go with exotic skin. However rarity is not the only factor of course.
  14. I had been thinking about an ostrich or other exotic bag for some time. I wanted a style that was classy, would stand the test of time, yet was "interesting". I found the muse met the established criteria. It is a fairly simple bag in some respects; I did not feel it would be dated to a specific season. In the large size, you do have the option of shoulder wear. The chocolate color is gorgeous and can be worn with brown, black, neutrals, etc. It is simple, but not boring. The hardware adds a little something to the bag. My husband really liked the bag as well. The stars were in alignment... :amuse:
  15. I definitely think reselling something so expensive on eBay is a huge risk! I wouldn't do it....can't guarantee that someone will actually pay for it, and it seems like such a headache.

    I don't mind looking at "skin" bags, but would not own one myself. I agree with Cristina that python and reptile skins creep me out in general. If they don't bother you, I think that they are a great investment.