Thoughts on the vintage French Co. Speedy?

  1. Does anyone have one and how do they compare to today's speedy? Also - would $300 be a good/bad price for one in VERY good condition? Thanks gals!
  2. Are you talking about one of those Speedys with the lock on the side?
  3. Yes I am - the one with the strip of leather on the bottom and LV's right side up on both sides
  4. I have one, mint condition, & love it. I paid almost $300 for it & think it's worth it!
  5. Acegirl - do you have a picture? thanks!
  6. I love the vintage look of the French Co Speedys. I think it would be a great piece to add to your collection :cool:
  7. They are very nice looking.
  8. I think it would be a nice addition to any LV collection, if you can find one in really good condition.
  9. Thanks acegirl - yours is just gorgeous. Do you remember how much you paid for it??
  10. Thanks! I think it was $291 + shipping costs..
  11. I love them so much! :love:
  12. I think it's kind of nice how the LVs are right side up on both sides, and they will sag a little less since they have a strip of material down the middle of the bottom of the bag. I don't like the colour of the pre-treated leather trimming though, which is why I would probably never buy one.
  13. I like them, very nice bag!
  14. I have the 25 and 30!

    Both are in MINT condition - I paid 390US for the 25 and 350US for the 30. They are SO unique - I get looks even from the SAs in LV when I carry them. No water problems to worry about - I use them when it rains or snows. And if the handles get worn, you can get them replaced from French Luggage in the US for about 40US! LOVE THEM!

    And they DO sag! I use pieces of cardboard and Pursekets in mine and they still sag a bit, which I like!