Thoughts on the Trouville??

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  1. So I sent my Pop Haut back and I'm still trying to make a decision. Thought I would get the Speedy 30 but I'm getting my Mandarin 25 anyday so I should get something different. I had the Trouville once but returned it (thought the handles were too small) but I'm revisiting it once again. I want something very casual for everyday wear. What do you guys think of it?? Or even the Deauville although I'm thinking that's too big for me.
  2. I have the trouville in white mc and I love it. It is just the right size for me. I know what ya mean about the handles- it's tough to wear it in the bend of your arm.
  3. Isn't it supposed to be a makeup bag? I've heard that about one of the two, and it just sticked. That's a turn off for me and the handles do seem to small.
  4. I have the MC Trouville and I love it. It's not too big and not too small. I love the shape!
  5. I like the size of the Deauville much butter. I like larger bags.
  6. i have the white Multicolore Trouville and i love it. the handles work fine for me, though; they sit in the crook of my arm all right.
  7. I had a trouville but sold it to upgrade to the Deauville. I carry my Deauville just as any day bag. It is categorized under both handbags and a beauty case. I know of many people who use it as a day bag.
  8. Decisions, decisions. I think I'm down to the Trouville and the BH - two totally different bags????
  9. Trouville and the BH

    I Love Both!
  10. I have the Trouville in black MC. While I love the bag a lot (nice shape, great size) the handles can be uncomfortable to carry on my arm and they do annoy me sometimes. It really looks best carried by hands.
  11. I like the Trouville a lot. I think it would go great with everyday casual clothes, such as jeans and shirt. Similar to a speedy, but not as common. It's on my lists of LV wants. And I like that it has a wipeable interior, so I don't have to worry about spilled makeup, etc.

    I believe the Trouville is classified as more of a city/handbag, while the Deauville is classified more as a beauty case. But whatever floats your boat, I say.
  12. trouville - It's very classy.
  13. i just bought the trouville too!! :smile: and i love it!!! :smile:
  14. Trouville all the way!
  15. Trouville! I love mine to death!
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