Thoughts on the Stam Hobo

  1. I saw the Stam Hobo at NM the other day and loved it. The only thing that stopped me from getting it was the gold hardware on the bag. I only have previous season MJ bags with silver hardware. I've never been a big fan of gold anything. What do you guys think?
  2. Gold hardware is in this season, esp with black bags... I'm not a fan of gold either, but I actually don't mind it this time around.
  3. Unless I'm forgetting things again, Quilted Bags (introduced in Fall 2005) never came with silver hardware (antiqued or shiny gold only). I think they go well with gold hardware. =)
  4. Thanks. I don't own any quilted bags - just the Venetia and Karolina. I've held off on the quilted b/c of the gold but I'm starting to change my mind.
  5. bag.lover, you never forget anything! :idea: It's so wonderful, you're an asset to this forum!!
  6. How funny, I've found myself in the same position. I never liked gold anything, until a few months back and now it's somehow grown on me. I remember hearing that MJ was switching to gold hardware for all his lines starting with fall 2005 (I think) and I got so depressed, "oh no! No more nickel!" And now I like the gold stuff, better! I'm not usually so fickle, must be something in the air.
  7. The Stam hobo is the only one of the collection that I'd actually wear. I think it's a great bag... the gold hardware looks nice with it IMO
  8. Thanks for the feedback - I think I may have to go for it!
  9. I can completely relate to your dilemma about the gold hardware. I was so used to seeing the silver hardware on MJ bags, and made a point to buy only bags (MJ or other) with it. Even jewelry. However, there are just too many pretty things with gold hardware that I caved :shame: ! Now, gold hardware does not bother me at all.
  10. I used to not like gold either until I bought my MJ bags. I actually think the gold hardware looks better on the bags. It gives it a more luxurious look. Also, I think the Stam Hobo is absolutely gorgeous. I'd get one if I didn't have a regular Stam already.