thoughts on the soft calf hobo??

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  1. what do you all think?? i do really need a basic black bag (as in, "i literally don't own a black bag", not as in "well, need is relative, right?").....and i can get a crazy good deal.....but i'd probably have to hide it in my closet for a month or two so my husband doesn't murder me.

    man, i need to step away from tPF....yikes!!! :smile:

    any thoughts??
  2. I really like it. I am a big fan of hobo bags!
  3. I like the hobo but not in black.

  4. this one is gorgeaus!! and a great deal, get this one! I like the hobo, but not in black either..
  5. I really love his hobo style bags! But I have to agree, I don't like that one in Black.
  6. I like the sporty has more style..:heart: Emmy
  7. I agree, I'm not a huge fan of this style in black... there are other bags I like better in black. I really like the hobo in yellow!;)
  8. I have the hobo in Butter (yellow) and I really love it. It fits nicely on your shoulder and it holds a lot. If you like hobos, then you'll like this one. I'm not a fan of it in black, but I love the other colors it was offered in.
  9. If you need a black bag, I agree with bag.lover and luvpurses24 in saying that the hobo isn't my fave.
    However, any soft calf in Scarlet...TDF!! :love:

    (Sorry that wasn't much help!)
  10. well, as it turns out, it wasn't meant to be. i went in to buy it, had the saleswoman at nordstrom hold it while i got a cup of coffee & thought for a few minutes, and when i came back 15 minutes later, she said "oh sorry, someone sold it while i was off the floor."

    sooooooooooooooooo mad!!! totally unacceptable nordstrom service...and she "apologized" in such a condescending and trite way that it was pretty obvious to me that she just opted to sell the bag to someone else, and wasn't sorry at all. grrrrr. her manager should be getting an earful from me tomorrow.
  11. You go girl! Let them know about it... that's awful that the SA would promise to hold it for you and then sell it off to someone else in only a few minutes. She doesn't deserve any more sales from you, that's for sure... Hopefully the manager will compensate you somehow.
  12. I'm sorry to hear that, you will be able to find another one. This hobo is marked down heavily at many stores, it didn't really move for quite some time. Did you really..really want it though?

  13. I'd be up that SA's a** so far she'd choke! That is TOTALLY unacceptable! What is going on with them? I haven't heard very many good comments about there SA's lately...It seems they are getting very greedy over the commission or something! ABSOLUTELY say something to the manager! Let us know what happens!! (just remember to be nice but firm & direct!)
    :heart: Emmy
  14. welll.....i do now that i can't have it ;) LOL - don't you love how that works?

    in seriousness, i've been on the prowl for a black bag for literally months, and i did like that one quite a bit (esp. the price). but i'm not going to die or anything....the other big appeal was that my mom was in the store, ready to buy it for me (woo hoo!) well. there are always other sales to be found, i just had a golden opportunity & lost it. i'm way more annoyed at the SA than i am about losing the bag. mom feels really bad i didn't get it (she made me hold off while we called her SA to see if she could find it & give her the commission), so if i found it elsewhere on sale, who knows....

    i still hate that SA. stupid stinkerbutt.