Thoughts on the Saumar MM?

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  1. Hi Everyone!

    So it is my last hoorah before the baby comes. I went to the local LV and tried out the Saumar MM. I wanted a bag that I can carry on lighter days, but I am not a little bag kinda gal... so I wanted an in between bag (not too little, not too big). I liked it but something held me back from buying it. Any experience with this bag?

    I felt bad because my SA (who is awesome) was being so patient... I just couldn't make the final "I'll take it". (For reference I have the Artsy and the Speedy 40 all in Mono - I am a mono girl.

    Thanks in advance!
  2. #2 Apr 5, 2014
    Last edited: Apr 5, 2014
    What about the menilmontant?
  3. I was looking at that one too. I am a writer/professor, so I will have a few things I will need to carry around (will keep baby's things in her baby bag) but I didn't want to lug my Artsy around either.... cute and practical is my ultimate goal haha. I just liked all the compartments in the Saumur.....
  4. Wow she is a beauty! I just love the pockets in the Saumur.... something about the two flaps... and the fact you can make it a hand held by adjusting the strap... wishing I had gotten her now...
  5. I just purchased a pre-loved saumur 35 today, already have a mono speedy 40 and neverful GM but i feel like this is going to be my #1. Got it for $362 ($458-$96 ebay coupon).