thoughts on the saleya PM

  1. hi all,

    i would appreciate all thoughts and comments on the damier (ebene) saleya PM. how does it fare as an everyday bag? would it look good dressed up as well as dressed down? can it be carried over the shoulder comfortably (i'm slim built)? is the PM a good size for everyday use (i don't carry too much)? is it worth the price tag, considering it's a relatively simple design?

    i'm considering getting one. all comments, good or bad, appreciated. ;)
  2. I tried the Saleya PM on at LV and it was too small for me. There was no way it was going over my shoulder and the size was just awkward for my frame.

    For the price, I would go with a Damier Speedy 25. It is also small (IMO - I like big bags) but very classic and chic.
  3. Saleya Pm fits perfectly under my shoulder (im slim built as well) but not wif thick coat. i use it everyday for work and fits all my needs. jz to give u an idea wat i put inside the bag, here is the list: long wallet, coin pouch, folded umbrella, mirror, lipsticks, mints, another small pouch for keys, tissue, hand sanitiser, body spray, mobile, small camera, small torch light,pen n small notepad and bits n pieces of other things.
    IMO i think its more of a casual bag but it depends on wat clothing u wear also.
  4. I am not slim and can get the bag on my shoulder but not carry it comfortably for any length of time. I don't much like carrying shoulder bags anyway, they get heavy quickly.

    Saleya holds my things in better order than the Speedy. I carry an agenda, medium wallet, pochette, key case and phone always so not much. The handles are longer than the Speedy so fit a little easier. The flared top means it is very easy to see all the contents.

    I think the bag is more casual. It seems more formal than the speedy though. I was surprised I did not care to use it during the summer, preferred monogram and epi of my LV bags. I chose Saleya as my damier hand held over Alma, Speedy, bucket. Price and different from my other LV.
  5. I have one and I really like it. I do wish that I had bought the MM though.... I like bigger bags.
  6. I looked at it IRL in store and just didn't fancy it - too small! It is very simple and I fancy larger bags! I'm really wanting it in the MM size atm!