Thoughts on the RUSE...? Anyone have one? Like / Dislike?

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  1. HI All
    This is my first post here! I saw today for the first time a Ruse.... I think I might really like it, but I am not sure if I just got caught up in the bag heaven that I was in... Normally I don't have any boutiques near me to see any kind of high end bag, but today was an exception. I absolutely loved the color, but how does everyone feel about all that leather on the strap? Functional? Or no big deal at all? I would love to hear from you guys because this is something I am seriously considering acquiring! :smile: THanks so much in advance....
  2. JC Ruse at NAP.JPG
  3. Saks just had them on sale for around $800. I love the leather but not crazy about the strap.
  4. im not a fan of this bag at all
  5. Personally - It's not for me
  6. Thank-you so much for responding to my thread guys! I have found the bag! Yippeee! For 1/2 off! Thanks to bagsforme :flowers: I can't believe my luck. Just yesterday I saw this bag for the first time and thank goodness I didn't spontaneously buy it because I would have been paying full price ! (1690 US ) Anyway - the bag is going to be sent out on Thursday and yes - I can see how this bag is not for everyone, but I wear a mostly denim wardrobe so I am hoping that it will really spruce up my otherwise very casual look. It love that it is vintagey and kind of distressed looking. I am not sure about the handles either, but, I guess I am going to find out :yahoo: THanks again all!
  7. I am with you, I can not decide if I would like this style or not, but I have it sitting in my shopping cart while I debate. I too wear mostly jeans, sweats and shorts, so I feel like my patent leather bags are a little too dressy for the daily attire. I am looking forward to seeing someone else wear one.:tup:
  8. I think it's really cute.
  9. One of the times I stopped in at the nearby Choo boutique, one of the very stylish SAs had this bag on (just for fun).

    Surprisingly, I was amazed at how good it looked on her. She had the bag on messenger style, and it really worked. :yes: It has more of a casual vibe than the patent leather bags, but it still had some glam to it.
  10. JC boutiques have it for half off. Phillis in Atlanta is great to work with.

    Ilove2shop - congrats! glad you were able to get one!!
  11. I think this bag is cute!
  12. I have been intrigued by this bag - and I think in order to truly understand/appreciate it - we need to see it, when U get your bag, could you pls. post pics carrying your new dream? I'm not positive, but also think this bag is a sale item on NM website.
    Thanks so much!
  13. ilove2shop, please post pictures of you wearing the ruse if possible. I was intrigued by this bag when i saw it online. I have not tried it on or seen it IRL. I was thinking it would look fantastic worn cross body. Did you order the small or large?
  14. Congrats on your JC bag! I do think it will work well with jeans and casual outfits. :yes:
  15. I think it's a gorgeous bag and if I didn't already have a bag this color, I'd get it!

    FYI - Net A Porter also has it for 50% off :yes: