Thoughts on the Royal Blue Suede Phantom

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To buy or not to buy.... Royal Blue Suede Phantom

  1. Buy

  2. Wait for a RB leather Phantom or RB leather Mini Luggage

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. Hi lovely ladies I've not been that active on this forum I've been cheating with Chanel, Bal & a few other makes but I'm very tempted to buy a Royal Blue Suede Phantom so what are everyone's thoughts on this bag...... I already own the Royal Blue Trapeze which I have to admit I'm a bit OCD about the suede flap especially living in the UK because we get so much rain..... I also own a Souris mini & Vermillon mini so I am missing a Phantom & ideally would love a RB leather Phantom or mini so should I wait or buy the suede Phantom. Please help :smile:
  2. Definitely wait for the leather version. I've seen the royal blue suede Phantom in person, and as beautiful as it is, it would be too difficult to maintain IMO! You already mentioned that you're OCD about your Trapeze, the Phantom would be even worse because it'd be rubbing up against you. Whereas with the Trapeze the back is leather and should be the only part rubbing against you.

    Good luck with your decision! HTH :smile:
  3. i voted wait too. i think the suede is nice but if you're already OCD about the suede flap on your trapeze you might scare yourself out of actually using a suede phantom :biggrin: i hope you don't have to wait long :panic:
  4. Thanks & I think your right, lets hope I don't have to wait too long :smile:
  5. I tink your right I would probably just bring it out to look at so I think it's best to wait & I stupidly passed on a RB Mini :sad:
  6. i definitely vote to wait for a leather version, it rains wayyy too much in the UK
  7. He he your so right & how are you honey..... I thought I was content with my 3 Celines ;) how many have you got now ?? X
  8. I voted for regular leather also... RB is such a fab colour btw!
  9. I would grab that RB suede phantom - I saw how luscious it looks online! But that's if you know you would take the time to care for it (and won't wear with dark denim - LOL). I am partial to Celine's suede to begin with though.
  10. I recently passed on this bright blue suede you, I own a royal blue trapeze. I am waiting for something gorgeous, in leather -- we'll have to compare notes after we find what we're really looking for!