Thoughts on the Reversible Tote?

  1. What other bags do you have ?
  2. I also like that in black!
  3. Hello glittergirl, I have the Tortilla in Black, White Gallery Tote (more wide), Gallery Tote in Black (more tall), Black Soho Hobo, Green Suede Soho Hobo, Black Ali, Black Hippie, Swing Packs in Lt. Blue, Black, Camel (not sure of exact color name), Signature Stripe White and Signature Stripe Punch, Hamptons Carryall in Brown Signature, Legacy Shouler in Ebony/Khaki Signature, and my very first Coach -- a Lunch Tote in Black -- circa early 90's! :smile:
  4. I got it in black and love. it. I got mine monogrammed as well. what a geek I am.
  5. Oh yeah, I forgot you can get it monogrammed! :smile:
  6. I love the tote but I was not really into wearing it reversed.
  7. I have it in black. I love it!! It looks just as good when it is reversed too!!
  8. You can't do monogramming anymore. It was discontinued as of last month.
  9. I have the large size in brown and It is one of my favorite bags , you can fit a ton into and it does not feel heavy
  10. I love that bag....

    I just bought this one; I was pleasently surprised at how comfortable it fit on my shoulder.

    I checked the measurements are they are fairly close in size.
  11. I have it in black and I love it....some don't like it because it's open, but it fits pretty close on my shoulder. While out shopping yesterday, I bought a few small items and it was great that I could just toss them in there keep going.
  12. Love the idea!
  13. I actually just now clicked on your link and my bag is a little different in that its solid black signature. Its from last year. Here it is:

    1 black outside.jpg 1 black inside.jpg