thoughts on the recital bag?

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  1. Hello lovely ladies. COuld I possibly get some thoughts and reviews on this bag? I found a great deal on this bag. I would like to hear from you ladies, any pros and cons?
  2. reallllllllly small
  3. It is meant to be small...the name Recital conjurs up an evening at the opera. Its size of 5.5" x 8" x 2" I think is perfect for a "going out" bag.
  4. I think it is super cute. I like it even better than a regular old pochette. I would say go for it.
  5. I used to have this bag, sold it last year! I loved it, the red alcantera lining knocked me off my feet when it was released! I used it for going out or to the theater, but stopped using it once I got my Pomme Roxbury. If you like it, get it. That's one bag LV did not have to discontinue.
  6. It's cute, but really structured for a small bag. My sister has it, and barely ever uses it. I'm not sure why, though.
  7. It's a small bag, but I sure did love it. I loved the thin single strap and the easy access inside with the flap. I sold it because I need to carry more things now, but it definitely was a useful bag back in the day.
  8. Thank you ladies for all your replies :smile:
    I think I'll get it since I have always loved structured bags
    and this would be perfect to use as a going out bag.
    I would love an eva but that's going to have to wait
    so for now the recital will do :girlsigh:
  9. I love the Recital. I had one and sold it several years ago because I liked bigger bags. It's adorable.
  10. i dont know this bag, any pics???
  11. This bag is on my list, perfect for a night out, more structured than eva, and that gorgeous raspberry lining- its a must have-
  12. I had the Recital in fact it was my first LV bag. But I had sold it since I needed a bigger bag but it was perfect for just going out. Simple but elegant. I kind of regret selling it only because it was my first LV.
  13. My first LV. I love it and still have it. Very cute, perfect for going out. Looks more sophisticated/dressy than the regular pochette. I've used it as an everyday bag when I first bought it in 2003. It does hold quite a bit for its size because of its shape. The lining is gorgeous, and I love the magnetic flap.
  14. This was my very first LV & first designer bag :smile:

    I don't use it much anymore but I still have it and love it. It's perfect for an evening out.