Thoughts on the pom pom bag and which colour?

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  1. the reason I like covered hardware is becuase I don't have to be restricted with the jewellery I wear.....If I get GGH I would feel like I always need to wear gold with it....

    I know I'm weird but thats the way I am when it comes to hardware colour and jewellery, specially the balenciaga Giant hardware becuase its so big and obvious!

    But I do love the saddle with GGH....
  2. i would try the bag on before you buy it...i had the pom pom and ended up returning it because it was uncomfortable on my shoulder and a little too full...just make sure it's comfortable before you buy's adorable though
  3. Saddle!
  4. pom pom isn't my favorite style, however the black ones I have seen IRL with SGH have gorgeous squishy leather!!! They used the best of the Fall 08 black leather on the pommie IMHO! Interested to see how this style looks after it breaks in...
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    The Saddle !!!!!!!!

    I have the charcoal grey with GGH and love it, i felt that the bag being grey, i could wear silver and with the GHW i could wear gold.
    Theres so much space in it, the pockets are large, fits well under the shoulder , have not used the shoulder strap as yet.
    Even with a two year old in one arm and the bag under the other arm, it does not feel heavy,
  6. Okay I think the BC you have pictures looks more burgandy like the BC on it is gorgeous I lvoe the perf and CH. SO I am won't be any help because I would chhose between the BC CGH or the saddle GGH. I would get the BC it's beautiful I hope to find a day in this style!!!
  7. Thats my issue with non covered hardware, i'd have to stick to the same coloured jewellery!
  8. I am worried about the black cherry becuase pictures can be deceiving and I heard it can look more brown than burgendy!
  9. saddle all the way - not a big fan of the covered hardware
  10. super cute :biggrin:
    black cherry for me!
  11. saddle with GGH... very classic!!!
    Covered hardware is not for me!!!
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    Mona - if the jewelry matching is that important to you - get the covered hardware. I would definitely try to see if you could pre-experience the bag before buying if you cannot return it? These leather colors and textures can vary so much. And I would also take the advice to try it on with stuff inside. I wonder if it will be a lot like your Chloe patent hobo - can't remember the name of it right now? The one with the studs? Do you still have it?

    Brunettetiger - I agree on the black/SSG look of this bag with unbelievable leather. I happened to see it IRL and understood in an instant why choosing the right stuff can make a difference. It was unbelievably good leather.
  13. i love BC.. there have been some bags with a lot of red it in.. hopefully you will get luck and get one of them.. The saddle with GGH is gorgeous too!! It's totally up to you which one to get.. which one would go with your wardrobe better?? That's usually the deciding factor for me when i get a new bag.. HTH
  14. I love the BC but I think the saddle would be more wearable...that being said, and you prefer the covered hw, I'd go with saddle with covered hw.
    Be sure and let us know what you get!
  15. Absolutely the saddle with the GGH