Thoughts on the pom pom bag and which colour?

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  1. As most of you know I am loving the pom pom bag but wanted to know your thoughts on the bag.

    So if you have it or tried it on please let me know your thoughts re: size, userfriendliness, weight etc.....Oh, and is the long shoulder strap adjustable? as I am about 5,3" tall

    I am liking the Saddle colour or the black cherry.....

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  2. SADDLE, that exact combo...TDF
  3. I've seen a Charcoal Pom Pom IRL which was beautiful but I'm not a fan of drawstring bags because they aren't the easiest to get in and out of although very pretty. I'm not sure if the combination exists but I think between Black Cherry and Saddle I would choose BC but with GGH (as another tPFers BC GGH Work still has me swooning :tup:). Good luck with your decision and be sure to post pics!
  4. I'd go for saddle... it is a richer shade...
    I also love his bag in black.
    Have fun in your hunt!
  5. I love love love the giant covered hardware on this pom pom style bag. I'
    d go for that. That said, I bought this bag and felt it was adorable but heavy and hard to get in and out of. For over $1800+ it should be perfect so if you can try it before you buy maybe do that. Both colors are beautiful. I guess go with whatever you love.
  6. Oh Oh, I'd go for the black cherry with that cool covered hardware. Such an unusual hue and I think it would fancy your coloring?
  7. I think this bag is super cute and stylish - just not for me because I hate drawstring closures. I like the CH with perfo in this style - black cherry is gorgeous.
  8. I love the BC with the perforated detailing. I think it would match more things, since you can wear it with blacks and browns.
  9. one more to add to the mix....Saddle with covered hardware!

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  10. saddle for sure:smile:
  11. I'm really torn between covered saddle or covered Black cherry.....

    but I've read that most black cherry bags look more brown than burgendy!
  12. I vote for Saddle with GGH. I think Pom Pom looks great in the neutral tones. I have a Pom Pom in Black with GSH. I love it. The strap in not adjustable (that would have been nice) and is quite long. I'm 5'8" and it's just a bit long when I wear it on my shoulder, perfect length cross-body. The drawstring was annoying at first, but now I just don't sinch-it (I leave it open), and it's great! Size wise it is very similar to a day with a long strap. I wear mine a lot and am happy to have it. It's fun to have some 'style-diversity'. Both colors are beautiful. Good Luck!
  13. :huh:oh Lovin' the Saddle with GGH... what a classic color combo~!
  14. Black Cherry is super cute!
  15. I really like either one (although I am wanting a black with GSH myself...) colorwise. I just happen not to be too fond of covered hardware but who the heck cares what I think in this matter! It should be what YOU like!