Thoughts on the pocket organiser? Useful or useless?

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  1. Morning, for those who own one, how do you find the pocket organiser and how do you use it?

    I already have the multicartes, but love the design and the following colour. What does everyone think? Should I put my name down on the waiting list to get one, as it is currently out of stock at the moment?

    And for those who have it in this colour, how do you find it? Easily dirty or hard to maintain? I know its in the men's collection, but as a female I'm drawn to the white monogram. It's so beautiful. Any females out there have it?

    What do you all think? Any advice would be great. Cheers!

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  2. Hi Bumbles! I have a Pocket Organiser for electronic access cards at work and home. I rotate it with my other canvas and empreinte clés. It can also hold driver's license & credit/debit cards for more space in a pochette. I think this is beautiful and unique enough to get if you love the design.

    That said, I collect slgs so I might not be the best one to give advice if you're aiming for a capsule collection. :amuse: Items from the men's SS2017 may also be worth checking out.

    Good luck deciding!
  3. Thanks litchi! Will check them out.
  5. I use the pocket organizer as a wallet in my evening bags or clutches When All you need is one credit card, ID, and insurance card and a few dollar bills....I also use it when vacationing when I only need the is very handy
  6. I have one in mono and love it! I use it somewhat unconventionally :smile: I specifically wanted a slim slg in mono that will fit for daily use for any bag. I use it to hold my blotting sheets, wipe packets, and tissue. It's so worth it to me. If you have a purpose for it in mind, definitely get it! :yes:
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  7. This is absolutely gorgeous but check the print for cracking in the stripe. DBF's began to crack :sad:

    I find the pocket organizer handy and plan to have a mon monogram one in the future.
  8. As a male, this is my daily wallet. I store about 6 cards in it and if I have cash, I fold it so it goes into the outside pocket on the back.
    I put it in my back pocket and have been doing it for 2+ years and mine looks in really good condition.

    If you're going to place in your bags, the only thing I would worry about is the color transfer. White, as we all know, easily gets dirty. That's the only reason I didn't buy that one because I'm afraid my jeans would make it all blue-ish (come to to think of it, that would look kind of cool).

    As far as "call for availability"...since it's a SS/16 item it probably means they stopped making them and don't have them in the warehouse for shipping. But if you call, they can usually locate the item and have it shipped from a store to you. The only requirement is that you must have purchased something from LV in the last 1.5 years (so they can track you in the system). This is mostly done to avoid fraud.

    If you really want it, get it now before they are all sold out.
  9. Too late! They are sold out. I called CS, and they said it's no longer available. They said they can put my name down, but there is no guarantees I will get one. I then went in store, and they checked with the warehouse and they said it's all sold. I'm too slow on this one. Lol... Oh well! Next time another special ones comes out. But that's for all your advice.
  10. Well thank goodness I got mine! Still in the box.. =) its very practical! This is my 5th one! I have it different canvas of course and epi leather. It's fits perfectly in my front jean pocket. No complaints!
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    I have the personal agenda to carry in my purse. I also have a GM agenda for home.

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