Thoughts on the picotin

  1. I have many H bags, but one I dont have is the picotin. So I called my SA and she told me what she had....and she has alot in all three sizes in fun colors. So I had her send me the small green, with pink inside the handles. Im very excited - I think it will be a great bag to just throw things in and fun for night.

    What are your thoughts on this bag? Are all picotins bi-color?? I don't know much about the bag. I would appreciate your thoughts.
  2. HL - I don't have one so I can't help you but I'm bumping this so someone who does have a picotin might see it :smile:
  3. O, how fun!!! Sounds like a great choice.
    I dont have one, but I always try them on. Not all are bi-color, but they often do come with a contrast piping and handles lined in the same contrast color.

    Here is fellow mom-to-be authenticLux modeling three sized

    Another picotin thread with modeling pics

    There is a fab picotin pic in the Prix de diane thread, I will see if I can find it....
  4. Here ya go

  5. i've got a pile of pics that i'll throw into the picotin thread in the reference section. give me 5 minutes.
  6. i put a few pictures in there now, but keep in mind that the thread in the reference section is for pictures only, so share comments about the bags down here in the discussion threads so that our nice mods don't have to spend time going in there and deleting posts.
  7. Wow...I am really excited now! Love all the colors, and very happy I'm getting the PM. It will be a perfect addition to my collection. I don't remember what skin my SA said...I'll just have to wait and see.
    Thank you CB and HH for the info and pics. I hope to have the bag tomorrow, the latest Monday! I can't wait!
  8. I love my Picotin!!! It's such a great grab and go bag. Here's some pics...
    tmpphpnHG507.jpg tmpphpvuX5S4.jpg
  9. I think the Picotin is one of the more underrated Hermes bags. I have a white with turquoise trim and just LOVE it for summer. Use it all the time for grab and go. Tie a pochette or a twilly on there and you're good to go --

    If you're concerned about the open top, tuck a carre-sized scarf over all of your goodies in the bag....or, as I do on occasion, use the carre as a "pack" of sorts. Lay the carre out on the bed, put all of your purse essentials in the middle, gather up end to end like a rucksack and toss the whole darn thing into the Picotin!!
    Just leave the mobile outside of it so that you have easier access. You get to enjoy a beautiful carre and still have your valuables covered up in the Picotin! You will love it!! :heart:
  10. ^^ gotta say, i have the PM and everything is at the bottom with tons of room above everything and i love the room - so i would not put a scarf on top or around my stuff to fill it out - though i really love the idea!
    my bag has gone on the bus, the subway, naturally the taxi, and nothing has spilled out nor has the bag or its contents seemed remotely vulnerable - on the contrary, i find it to be an ideal and convenient companion.
  11. I most always use a pocket square on top of mine. I just love how the different scarves give the bag different looks. :tup:
  12. ^^i tried it and felt so foolish. i can't carry that off.
    i just like a plain simple leather bucket with zero fuss.
  13. YAY, HL!! With a little one on the way, I think you will find this a great grab-n-go bag, I am kicking myself for passing on a couple of cute ones...Cannot wait to see your pics.

  14. Oh great, now I want a Picotin.
  15. My SA sent me 3 picotins today because she didn't end up having the vert anis with pink. She sent me a PM bi-color vert anis with orange chevre, a PM bi-color violet with rose chevre and a MM bi-color chocolate with blue togo..Not sure which one to keep.
    I like the PM - its small and looks like it holds alot, but the MM can go from a day to night bag. I think I'm leaning towards the PM...I was looking for a fun night bag - but which color???