Thoughts on the number of designs/styles LV is churning out

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  1. Hi everyone,

    I was recently watching a youtuber who was talking about their decline in love for LV due to the continuous number of designs and styles of bags LV is churning out one after the other and the decline in some aspects of quality in the craftsmanship (I note that the issue on quality has already been discussed a hell of a lot on this forum and don't wish to cover the same!)

    I found this quite interesting and it did strike a chord. For me, I don't think it bothers me at all that they keep coming out with lots of designs and styles, but I can appreciate where some people would see it differently.

    I just thought it would be interesting to see what other people think about the influx of designs that keep being released since NG took over as creative director and if it has affected their love for LV ?
  2. I don't mind that so many new designs and styles are coming out. I like that new options are available. For me, it is that I am disliking all the new things. I haven't been finding much that wow me so I am becoming bored with LV
  3. Great topic!

    Indeed, Louis Vuitton has really accelerated the release and discontinuation of some bags. My SA mentioned this a few months ago as a strategy for LV to reduce the number of each bag being on the market (and therefore tackle their problem with being sooooo popular and soooo visible). It's also a way to respond quickly to customers' demands (see the efficacious with which LV has met the demand for backpacks over the last three years).

    I don't think it has much to do with NG who focuses on runway collections. There is a lot team of creatives that design most of the products we find at the store. It seems to me this is the result of a business strategy from LVMH.

    Does it bother me? Not really. I buy what I like and I leave behind the items I don't like and the items discontinued before I get a chance to buy them. I will like something else next month! 😃 No doubt.

    I gather that some clients feel always "left behind" and always contemplating new releases, which creates anxiety in some shoppers because budgets are understandably not eternally expandable. But LV is not alone, look at the huge collections Chanel releases each season. It's the nature of these global companies I guess.
  4. It doesn't bother me at all. In fact I think it's a great strategy. More options for people to choose from and you don't see everyone carrying the same bag. When commuting to work I see an array of different LV designs in different canvases and materials. I love it!
  5. +1. LVMH is also listening to what modern consumers are wanting, especially the younger generations, and that is a mix of edgy, individuality, and exclusiveness so of course the company has to feel compelled to create new designs and colours to stay "fresh". It's sad though to see some of the classics (i.e. the Sac Plat) disappear as well as some of the ones I like but haven't been able to buy due to budget timings (i.e. Galleria and Sully) but that's just how the cookie crumbles.
    I've noticed that on the forum a lot of members continue to comment on how mainstream LV seems to be and that they feel bothered when they see "their" bag all over the place or worse, on the arm or shoulder of a student/someone visibly younger and inexperienced in life.
  6. As long as the classics are available I think it's fine. I hate brands where every year it's something new, so there is nothing you can consider a classic. What if my item is lost/stolen or I want to buy someone something similar?

    I like the creativity. Designers can't be afraid to try new things.
  7. It's way too much and overwhelming. It makes it seem like they're very unfocused. I don't like it at all but maybe I'm not LV's target consumer, which is fine. My collection is pretty much complete now, so I'll just watch from the sideline and pickup the random SLG or shawl. :tup:
  8. I love that suddenly there has become so many options.
  9. I love that they listen and adjust to what the consumers complains about or wishes for. Like the newer options as i feel they are more suited for the times.

    The influx of mini bags wouldnt have worked years ago because before everyone wants to carry much on their shoulders.

    It doesnt bother because i buy what i like and honestly what i can afford. LoL

    I do understand that some people are irked by this maybe bec some of the bags they have on their massive collection now looks outdated compared to the newer ones. Please dont shoot me
  10. I like what they're doing and as JadaStormy mentioned, as long as the classics are still available, I think this is a great approach.
  11. I love that LV comes out with new designs and styles at least every year, but I hope they continue to keep the classics in their offerings. It is a tad frustrating to spend that much money on a bag style that has the risk of being outdated in the future. I also hope they won't increase their prices periodically.
  12. I don't think the same. I feel like LV is scrambling to sell bags to whoever they can, in turn I think will end up making them run the lines of...... I hate to say it ..... Coach. Desperate to sell anything. I also feel that if they keep doing this it may lower their standards and finish the classics as they are even changing them. I don't mind a new bag to look forward to but I don't like to purchase if they come across as desperate. Especially with so many issues popping up. LV is not cheap and several items are having problems. I am not buying bags that are here today gone tomorrow then messing with being hassled over repairs. If you don't agree with me that is your right. However this is my opinion and please do not attack me for it. I don't mean to sound unkind I have just seen opinions be attacked and a thread ruined here lately and that is not my intention to contribute to.
  13. I like the variety. More to choose from. However I agree with a couple of posters who stated the company should keep the classics.
  14. I have mixed feeling about this. On the good side of course everyone loves variety and seeing new things is fun. But on the bad side I am afraid that the old days of "getting excited about a specific bag and wait a while to get such bags" is being replaced by "see it grab it if it's gone forget about it" mentality. It's not better or worse, just different shopping experience per say. I like the old way better, because I tend to like classic bags. But I totally understand that my taste doesn't represent everyone.
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