Thoughts on the NM Exclusives?

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  1. This is my first time posting on the Gucci board!

    Has anyone peeked at the NM 100th anniversary exclusive bags? WDYT? The aged gold looks nice but I'm not sure...

    L to R: Medium Tote, Top Handle, Medium Hobo
    Britt Medium Tote.jpg Britt Top Handle.jpg Britt Medium Hobo.jpg
  2. I saw them and the wallet at NM and fondled them LOL I think the gold is very bronzy I love that is has a plaque inside! Very beautiful! I happen to love the top handle!
  3. Too gold and monogrammy for me, meaning its something I couldn't see myself wearing. Haven't seen them in real life though, it could look hot with the right outfit (I'm picturing something black..). WOuld love to see pics if anyone has it!
  4. I have the top handle version--my pics are posted in this thread:

    I LOVE the bag--I'm not normally an uber-blingy metallic fan, but this is a really rich bronzy gold. It's not brassy and is the perfect metallic for me. I've gotten a ton of compliments on the bag, so I think it's something that appeals to a broad number--men included!

    The top handle is also great since it comes with a shoulder strap that can be worn messenger-style for when you need your hands free.
  5. ^^ Ooh I like the purple/green/gold in middle, goes really well with the gold. Well I'd have to see it in real life, thanks for the link to your thread!
  6. It looks great! I'd definitely need to see this in person though. I agree, the top handle is my fave of all of the anniversary offerings :yes:

  7. I don't think this is for me. Too much gold.
  8. They are ok not my Fav.
  9. Definitely try and check out the bag in person!

    It works well with my wardrobe of lots of charcoal grey, black, chocolate brown and denim. I think if you have a more pastel-based wardrobe it might be harder to pull off.
  10. I like this style/color a lot. I'm thinking about a purchase, but I wonder how long I would ultimately want to carry this color.
  11. Looks okay. Maybe I'll start to like it more later on. That's how it usualy is for me.
  12. I like the tote one.
  13. love the bling bling! :p
  14. They're a bit to blingy for my taste.