Thoughts on the New Nightingale

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  1. Hi ladies!

    I've got my nightingale medium for a few months now, I've got to admit that after a few months, I'm starting to not like her. Is it just me? Or the older version is more preferable?

    It's like the glam and classy vibe of the nightingale has been completely repealed by this newer version. I honestly do not know what kind of vibe it exudes now. If I have to give my own impression of the bag in its black and silver hardware combination, it's more like a minimalist modern chic that's very diff from the older one.

    Can you share your thoughts on the bag? Opinions on the revamp? Is it better or you prefer the older one?

    Thank you for letting me share and thank you for replying!
  2. I adore the original gale design, which has resulted in a large collection of them, in meds only. They just work for me, kwim? The sz, the classic style, unstructured, beautiful leathers and the ability to carry it multi ways.

    When the new style came out, I was prepared to dislike it. Why would they change a classic? I tried the med, and it felt bigger and heavier due to the thicker leather. I do miss the logo'd handles, but I do think its a strategic design move to revamp as it is a more minimalistic look, and would appeal to a new demo of consumers. Its like the cousin of the ant, w/ the Givenchy word on the bag, and little else, unless you buy one with a print or studs or one of the LE ones.

    I did end up buying the small, which is a great sz for me in the new style and lighter aftet trying it on in person. Its bigger than the old style small, but smaller than the old style med. Havent used it yet tho...

    I dont think I'll be buying other new gales, unless I really love the color. I have plenty of old gales to cycle to my hearts desire.

    What is it that you dont like? What appealed you to begin with?
  3. I had the older style in a medium and I hated it. But I have the newer version in the small and I love it. The old style is very heavy and while this new style isn't exactly light, I just prefer the smoothness of the leather better, as well as the structure of the bag. I don't like how the old style slouches at the bottom. I just love the newer style better and was dying to have it in the small, which I haven't stopped carrying since I got the bag!
  4. I think it's the size and the modern take that it didin't fit me. I agree with you when you said why would they change a classic. Sigh. But like u said, strategic move.

    How about the medium? Any thoughts about it? I think it's too big for my 5'5 and thin frame. Although I can assure that it's the bag for work and business affairs. Considering mine is in black color. I guess small size is the way to go. Thank you for taking time to reply! :smile:
  5. Maybe it's the size. Mine is medium and it doesn't grow on me. Any thoughts about it? I guess it's the small size that ive to go to. :sad: thank you for your time replying :smile:
  6. I tried the med new gale again today in store, and I realized its not bigger than the old med, but actually has more depth.

    When the old gale lies flat, its truly flat. The new gale os designed so that the sides bunch up and is held there by a buckle on each side permanently stitched in, so it can never be truly flat.

    When the new med gale is carried, it sticks out more when you carry it by yhe the handle. Old med gale, like a trapezoid, collapses at the top corners, and is more flat to begin with, so feels like it lies flatter and closer to the body.

    I just dont like how heavy the new med is, and much prefer the new small.

    Honestly tho, the new med gale looks perfect for work. Its minimalism and sleeker lines actually work in its favor as a professional bag. Even so, the new med is just not practical for me as it holds less imo, and is heavier, which negates the modern design pluses.

    I do like how the new strap looks on, and the length, but I much prefer the padding on the old one.

    I think you easily sell your blacl med if you truly dislike it, but I'd wait and give it a chance a bit more, and also try the small as well. I feel the new small is too small for work to be honest.
  7. Hi! Do older gales have givenchy under the zipper? Or only ykk? Thanks