thoughts on the new canvas tote?

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  1. Has anybody seen the new tote bag with "Balenciaga" printed on it? I am not sure what the style is called, but I saw it in stores yesterday (sorry..didn't think of taking photos!! =S ). It was quite disappointing and not loving it at all!
  2. 800 for a canvas tote. No. For that much I can buy a Bal leather bag. Not for me.
  3. I agree! It's not worth it.
  4. I don't care what's printed on it. That's so overpriced!!!
  5. way overpriced! it doesn't look or feel like it's worth that much! i'm so disappointed in their newer handbag designs!!!
  6. i really hope the edginess of bal is not going away - this is way more minimalist than what the image of bal usually protrays, and i personally find the large logo on the bag really distasteful. Everything Balenciaga is not known for, on this bag.
  7. Exactly! 100% agree
  8. i actually like the small crossed body one but cant justify the price for canvas ...