Thoughts on the new belted ergo hobos...

  1. I am thinking about getting one, but I wanted to know the difference between the new one and the ones that came out last April. I know they have the belts, but what else?

    What do you all think? :idea:
  3. I haven't seen them IRL but I think they look cute enough.. my big thing is just that the ergos are sooo light and comfy this may change that. :confused1:
  4. I really think they are cute
  5. It is a classy looking bag!
  6. i like the old ergo style a TON more, i dont like the belt much imho :sad:
  7. Thanks everyone!!!!
  8. I was at the boutique yesterday and I don't think they were that heavy. I didn't put my stuff in it, so I am sure that would change it weight. I really love the plum belted ergo. I think the belt is a nice touch.
  9. i saw the belted flap today in plum and it is AMAZING! gorgeous and classy, so i'm pretty much in love :smile:
  10. I'll need to see IRL to be sure...when I first saw the online pics honestly I thought the belt detracted from the design but hey I have been wrong many times before, LOL!
  11. I haven't seen them IRL but I think they look great! I like the dogleash detail on the front. I think it'd be best to see them and try one on in a boutique before you buy if you're able.
  12. I really like them. I have already picked out the black one, as I do not have a comfortable black bag. There is something really cute about them...
  13. I really like them. I'm thinking of getting a small flap in chocolate.
  14. I like the leather Ergos with the belt but the sig with the belt has too much going on.
  15. I don't know what it looks like... anyone have a pic?