Thoughts on the mini-vest?

  1. I wasn't really big on the trend at first but I love the one that Amanda (Becki Newton) usually wears on Ugly Betty and now I want ont in my wardrobe too.

    Any suggestions on where to buy one?

  2. What's a mini-vest? Is it really just a mini vest?
  3. piccies?
  4. I just saw one on sale on the Nordstrom website last night. I think they are cute.
  5. Something like this, right...$32 at Nordstrom...

  6. or do you mean short cardigans? > I love them!
  7. Mini vest?? Not entirely sure what you're talking about but I'm just going to guess it's a vest that's come above the belly button???
    I saw a few at Nordies the other day~ you should go check it out
  8. I personally love the look. I think its very figure flattering too!!
  9. Oooh if this is a mini vest, it's cute! Although probbly not good if you have huge boobs LOL
  10. I really like 'em, and I have 2! Hee. And I don't have huge boobs, so no problem there :p
  11. So do I. I just bought another one in grey. It's very flattering in the midsection.
  12. Ahh, they're so cute! I think I would look silly in it, though.
  13. I really want to wear it with my pencil skirt but I'm unsure of what tops to pair it up with =P

    I'm a hopeless fashion disaster!
  14. During the warmer months, I wear mine w/a pencil skirt and a short sleeved scoopneck sweater. I have also worn them w/pants as well. I bought mine from Ann Taylor Loft last fall for only $8 b/c they had buy one get one 50% off on all their sale items!
  15. I think its cute.