Thoughts on the mini Pandora

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  1. So I'm thinking of purchasing a mini Pandora. Does any one own one? What are the pros? Cons? Or would I be better off getting a medium or large Pandora? Thanks!
  2. Hey blackmamba10000! Gosh i wish I could help but have not crossed over to the pandora side yet :biggrin:

    That being said, I think I have seen lots of mediums and larges in the sub-forum. I just looked at the dimensions and the mini pandora is very...petite. If I remember from your collection you do have some small pieces, but I would wonder how you would use your pandora. If it would be an everyday bag and you don't need a lot of space, then the mini might just work for you.

    You can find pics of Jennifer Garner with (what I believe is) her mini pandora here:

    Looks like it'll fit a small wallet, keys, lipstick, maybe even sunnies if they aren't in a hard, large case.

    As a big bag girl myself, I say why spend all that money for good Givenchy hide and not get as much as possible? :biggrin: But, you have to do what works for you. No need lugging a large and mostly empty big bag if it will not be of good use to you. Okay, too much writing and thinking which happens when I take a break from reality.

    best of luck with your choice!
  3. Wait a hot sec...does your siggy say you are banned?

    Umm..yup...don't want to discourage you from being responsible.

  4. Yeah...I'm meant to be banned...:rolleyes:

    Thanks for the input...I am actually looking for a cross-body bag to take with me on vacation in a couple months. We're going to Disney World and I need something just to carry essentials. This might be perfect. Although, I can't help but think that once I buy the mini Pandora, I am going to want to get a large one too...
  5. Then what about just getting the medium sized one? Its large enough IMO for essentials plus extra sweater or t-shirts for 1/2 kids.

    Have you checked this thread Givenchy Pandora Reference Thread - Sizes and Measurements?

    It has all necessary dimensions and even pics.
  6. I prefer the small Pandora (just a little bigger than the mini if I rmb correctly), the mini's strap is kinda thin.
  7. I bought a mini pandora about a month ago (on sale). I haven't used it yet, but I tried it on and I like it. It can actually hold quite a bit. I was able to get a medium cosmetic case, medium wallet, cell phone case and key case in it, with no problem. The strap is thin, but it doesn't feel like it will break.

    Here's a link to the one I got (the brighter colored one).
  8. Get bigger. Don't like the mini.
  9. I have the mini and you can actually put a lot in it! My long wallet, cosmetic pouch, digicam, phone, kleenex, etc can all fit inside.... basically everything I put in my regular-sized bags! :smile:

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  10. Wow, I didn't know it could fit so much! I love it! Is the strap a bit long? Here's a pic of Lea Michele and it hits mid thigh. Is it adjustable?

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  11. ^ ^ ^ Thanks for the reference pic, kshop! I would have never guessed that much would fit in the mini.

    I think it's a great size/shape for vacation or errands. I usually use smaller bags for evening, and I don't particularly care for the style of the mini Pandora as an alternative to a clutch. But for your purpose - lightweight, handsfree and easily accessible storage of essentials - I think it would be perfect.

    I would definitely choose the mini size over the small size, because the mini doesn't have a handle. The small size has a handle that gets caught up and in the way of the shoulder strap.
  12. Yes the strap is a bit long, if you ask me! :smile: I'm only 5'1 and the bag falls just like it does on Lea Michele with the shortest possible strap. There are 4 more holes on both sides about an inch apart from each other so you make the strap much longer :smile:
  13. other than the strap, i think the mini is a great buy...maybe givenchy will hear the complaints about the strap and update it in a future version
  14. the strap is too thin and too long for my liking
  15. Mini's hold a TON! Large wallet hone a small bag of cosmetics, sunnies, keys, with room spare!

    As for the strap lengnth, it is the same (within an inch) of my others.

    I love it!