Thoughts on the Mini Noe?

  1. I was wondering what everyone thinks about the mini noe. I was originally thinking about the petite noe, but after trying it on IRL, I'm thinking it might be a bit wide for me. Although I am still thinking about the petite noe, the mini noe has also caught my attention - she is so adorable!

    Does anyone else have the mini noe? Do you think it's a good size? I'm about 5'4" and about 105 pounds - do you think it will look too small on me? Also, what are your thoughts on this noe being handheld and not a shoulder bag like the other noes?
  2. I can only say that I like its shape more than regular and petite sizes. I think you should go for it!;)
  3. It's actually a lot bigger than I thought, but it looks sooooo cute! One pfer bought an extra strap to make it a shoulder bag. :yes: Check the Visuals!

    Here's a picture H_addict put up on the Celebrity thread:

  4. I just purchased a mini noe. It should be here anyday now. I purchased it because it is so cute and holds more than you think. I'll post pics once she gets here.
  5. yeh i think its soo sweet! Next time i go to the boutique im going to try it on, go for it! xx
  6. I would love to see pics of this baby! Please post!
  7. They are so cute!
  8. I think it is the cutest of all Noes. It is on my list of bags to get some day!!!
  9. Indeed it is a cute bag but I found the Petite Noé to be alot more practical. But if it's not for you go to the boutique and try the Mini IRL. It's the only way to know for sure I suppose!!!! :smile:
  10. Mini noe is so cute and works well with the cowhide strap so that you can use it over your shoulder :smile:
  11. Ooooo.....please do post pics when you get her!

    I'm going to go take a look at her again IRL.....I'm actually more in need of a wallet...but considering the mini noe costs about the's sooo tempting to get her instead.....:rolleyes:
  12. it actually can hold alot!! i tried it on at the stores, and i can put alotta things into it :smile:
  13. Awesome duo
    strap.jpg mini noe.jpeg
  14. ^I'll defianetly have to get that strap.
  15. He´s sooooo cute, I really love my Mini Noe and he fits quite a lot.