Thoughts on the Mini Natastha in warm Zinc

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  1. Hi Ladies!
    So I just bought the mini Natasha in Warm zinc preloved for a good price (225USD/200€) and Im having doubts about the color ..
    I originally wanted it in black, but everyone owns it in black where I live + plus I have the percy in colorblock, where black is the main color. .
    I guess my question is what color do you prefer? And do you think the Zinc is good base color?

    I could try and sell it, but Im not sure how well it will go + plus I won't find a black in same condition+ price

    Decisiones decisiones:smile:
    My bag below


    - Nanna

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  2. I love the warm zinc. It's a chameleon color. It will lean towards the brown shades or the grey depending on your outfit.
  3. good point :smile:
  4. I love it! I think it's very versatile. It looks like a lighter version of Faded Aluminum. I have a Natasha in FA and the color changes depending on what I wear with it. I say keep it!
  5. It's pretty.
  6. Another vote for keep it! It's such a nice lovely versatile colour.
  7. It kind of looks like Cement too, I love them both. Personally I like it more than the black only because you are right, where I live everyone has black as well.
  8. Thanks for your answers! Im keeping her :smile:

  9. Yay! Enjoy her!
  10. I like it as well!
    Share modeling pics w/ different outfits.
  11. I love the mini Natasha in warm zinc. That's my most used bag in spring and summer. And I switch to my faded aluminum for colder days. I can't say how much I love both the colors. You should defn keep it, specially if you got a good deal.