Thoughts on the Mini Classique

  1. So, Im dying for an Apple green First/Classique and cannot find one as of yet. I have an offer to purchase an Apple Green Mini Classique but I have never seen that style in person.

    Anyone have one? What are your thoughts on the size, how much can you carry? Would you recommend or sway me away from it? I'm 5'3 so small bags dont look too bad but I really love the size of the First.

  2. it's way too small like an evening bag - not really practical in my opinion;)
  3. how much smaller is it than the first?
  4. Heya'
    just wanted to let ya know if Yhassan dosent want to purchase my apple first, it will be available. You can pm me if you like.
  5. I had the apple green mini and I sold it to another PF member; it was adorable. I really love it but it was just too small for me. Think of it compared to a LV pochette; around the same size. I could fit a 4x4" wallet, keys, lipgloss, Ipod. It is great for going out but was not good for me (since I still have to carry snacks and things for my kiddies).
  6. I think it's way too small. If you want to see the size on a person, go check out the "celebrities w/ B-bags" thread. I remember posting 2 photos of sexy Scarlett Johannson with her mini classique.
  7. I personally think it is too small. I'd hold out for the first if that's what you have your heart set on! If for some reason I'm not in love w/ mine when it gets here I will be sure & let you know!
  8. I think it looks way cute. I'm a small bag person... Well I guess I used to be but I think if you like it then go for it.
  9. I know ... I was thinking that this might be okay to use as a "hold-all" (you know - lip gloss, pencils, etc.) and that I would stick it into my Courier bag (heck, it's big enough!).

    Then, if I need to go to the ladies room (or I'm at a restaurant at night), I can use it as a kind of "evening bag".

    Oh oh ... I'm convincing myself here ...
  10. Alright ... who bought it?!?!?! That's it ... I AM NOT POSTING ANY MORE BAGS that I want; I am totally pissed now! :sick: :mad:
  11. Ok, I've decided. I'm going to stick to my guns and wait for the First. Good things come to those who wait.
  12. Ahh., CEEJAY! I am sorry you missed that one! I did not buy it I promise!!!
  13. OMG!!! that's so annoying..or maybe the buyer is not a member here?

    dont worry CeeJay, you'll get 1 soon, if I can remember correctly, one of my friends is selling her red metallic mini classique...i'll check my email and post the pics for you;)