Thoughts on the LV Vernis Rose Ballerine material?


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Jan 16, 2019
Hi All,

Planning on my next bag to be the Alma bb in rose ballerine, vernis material. Does anyone own this bag, or have anything in this material, and can comment on the durability/maintenance? I've heard that it stains easily when you wear it with darker clothing like jeans.

My second question is to those who own this specific bag: do you reach for it often or do you feel deterred because it is more 'flashier' than other bags in your collection?

My mind is pretty set on this bag, as it matches my style. Just thought i'd hear other people's experiences on it before jumping the gun.

TIA! (PS. This is my first post)
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Jul 11, 2015
I would suggest only buying dark coloured vernis, ie amaranthe or black and not the light color ones. If you look at any of the soft vintage vernis light bags for sale on preloved sites, they will have a slight yellow tinge to them. If the owner took great care of their light vernis bag, that is, they rarely carried it and stored it in a dry and cool place away from sunlight, it would be in great condition. However, bags are meant to be carried so it depends how much you like this color and your tolerance for any marks, stains, etc.
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Apr 18, 2015
I have the rose ballerine vernis sarah wallet and it rubbed up against something dark once and I had to work really hard to get it off without killing the glossing. That wallet officially sits in its cloth bag even when I was using it regularly. It’s absolutely beautiful but light Vernis is prone to color transfers (that are obvious-it happens regardless you just can’t tell on the dark ones) and you will usually NOT be able to take the transfer off. I wouldn’t buy a purse in that color as pretty as it is for that fear.
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