Thoughts on the Lily?

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  1. My boutique has one black Lily sitting in the back and it will be sent out next Friday when they put out their new floorset. I am torn as to whether I want it or not. I love it, but I can't decide between the black and the camel.

    For those of you that have it, could you share your thoughts? Any modeling pics? Is it too big? There are not many of these left and I don't want to be kicking myself for letting it get away.
  2. I LOVE mine, no modelling pics sorry. It can get heavy, but when i carry my normal amount of stuff (wallet, ipod, keys, MU pouch) it's not too bad. It's not very prone to scratching. The camel is very light, and I saw someone carry one where the entire back of the bag was black due to denim dye transfer from jeans or black t shirts. You do not have this problem with the black lily. I do not find it too big at all, but I am a fan of larger bags.
  3. I think you should go for it. I much prefer how the hardware pops against the black leather on the Lilys. :yes:
  4. I LOVE my black medium Lily!!! Its probably one of my HG bags. BUT - it is HEAVY!!! Even with minimal stuff in it, its a heavy bag - my heaviest. It does not keep me from using it, but its not an every day, wear all day shopping kind of bag - its my "I need to look hot and have a WOW bag" purse!! Its big but not huge - I actually thought it was going to be bigger, but its a very manageable size. Fits on my shoulder nicely, and the two separate zippered areas help to distribute the weight more evenly. If you can afford it, I would not hesitate to get it, especially if they are phasing these out. Classic Coach at its best, just like the Gigi.

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  5. Thanks! Do you find it comparable to the gigi in terms of weight or heavier?
  6. I never thought about the light color being prone to color transfer. Thanks. Food for thought.
  7. i tried on a medium black lily the day before yesterday. it was HEAVY. when i took it from the SA, i was shocked. it felt like a bag full of things including a large waterbottle! but it's truly gorgeous, and i didn't find it big at all. :heart: i would get it if i were you - it costs SGD1739 in singapore btw!

  8. Hmm I havent used my Gigi yet, but I would think they are pretty comparable in weight, although Gigi is probably easier to carry since its more of a tote style, kwim? These two are the HG bags so far in my collection!
  9. While I love camel, I'd go for the black for it's practicality.
    The color txfer issue is awful...I'd choke and die if I ruined a bag of this price point.
  10. If you can swing it, buy it with PCE!

    That way you'll have the bag in your hands to decide over time. Nothing like changing your mind and the bag is no longer available!

    I have XL Lilys, but I'd considered the Medium Camel. I didn't want to have to baby the camel from transfer, etc., so I didn't buy it. But the size was quite manageable and it still has the 2 sections like the XL Lily.

    Have them put it on hold, Good Luck!:tup:
  11. I adore my Lily and she's probably my HG. I do agree it's not your everyday bag since it is heavy and it's ... well just special I guess. Eventhough I want to use her everyday I find that I don't want to beat her around plus I have a 2 year old that weighs about the same...JK lol. I would grab one!

    I do have a problem with the sealant along the handles peeling but I've learned to live with it because I want to keep the bag. I just ripped it all off and you can't tell. (I've been sent a replacement twice)
  12. I have the XL in black, but the camel in the medium. It's actually a pretty small bag IMO. I personally don't find it heavy, but I guess it depends on what you carry. The Gigi pulls on my shoulder more than the med. Lily, which kind of just sits there. I use mine for every day, and can carry it all day with no issues.

    Bloomies is the only store I've seen them at around here, so I would say get it and try it! I think the Lily is a great bag, but if I had to choose between the XL or the medium, I would definitely choose the XL. However, the good news is that the medium is a little easier to get into because it doesn't have the turnlock flap covering the top. It's also a lot lighter.

    I was never a fan of black leather bags, but I have to say the hardware totally pops against the's absolutely stunning! That and the Bridgit are the first black bags I've actually wanted to carry!!
  13. I use my Lily as an every day bag too. It distributes the weight nicely as its E/W and not like a tote bag
  14. No PCE for me!:sad: Maybe because I order through JAX and I shop at different stores. I am still trying to figure that one out. I hate to pay full price, but if I don't. I risk waiting for it to pop up on e-bay or the outlets.
  15. definatly go back and get it, i just checked ebay, there was only 1 XL on there in black and it was used and kinda dirty inside and they wanted $825