Thoughts on the lastest Fendi handbag... anyone??

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  1. I haven't seen them in IRL or in stores yet. I THOUGHT I read on that there would emerge in December '06 (it may have said March '07... I can't remember). These ads are from the February 2007 Vogue. The other pic is from the spring/summer 2007 runway collection held in September 2006.

    I like the ads... I LOVE my Zucca Spy Bag... I may give them a shot.

    Anyone have any info? Name of the collection? Prices? Availability??


    (click to enlarge)
  2. Don't know anything about the bags, but I like that first outfit.
  3. love the bags, but i'd like to buy her legs and put it on me!!!
  4. The design looks really simple but not really my kind of bag. It does look practical for everyday use.
  5. Ditto Nancy!
  6. Kssthis! IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT! Your pix were the first pix I saw of the zucca spy! I became obsessed after that! Had to get one. Now that I do have my zucca, I cannot tell you how much I LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it! I really need to give it a rest. I've been usin' it so much. Got it with me today as a matter of fact. Anywho, sorry I have no info on these new bags. They're nice though. Lotsa room, which I like. They look like they fit comfy over the shoulder, which I also like. If I get any info, you'll be the first to know.:yes:
  7. reminds me a little of luggage. :sad:
  8. Eluxury has some new Fendi bags.
  9. I like the Spy much better than this collection.
  10. Isn't it the best bag EVER :roflmfao: !!

    I'm glad you love yours as much as I love me baby... ZUCCA SPY ROCKS!
  11. I'm just not excited about the new style. While I do like its simplicity, it doesn't strike me as anything special. Maybe if I see it in rl, I'll feel differently.
  12. I agree with Nancy!
  13. legs and hair, Totally!:yes:
  14. I love the pix but yeah I would want to try it on IRL to know for sure...