Thoughts on the Kooba Charlie Satchel

  1. Hi....

    I recently saw a photo of the Luggage satchel and fell in love, so I looked it up on the Kooba website and see they have it in looks so yummy! What are your thoughts on the Charlie and do you all like the Rose color? Which color do you prefer? :smile:
  2. I think rose looks best, followed by luggage.
    Nice bag, love the shape.
  3. I love the rose. It's more of a dusty rose in person and just beautiful.
  4. This is a stunning bag that, to me, looks fabulous in all the colors. But I have to say that the ivory has my :heart: .
  5. I really adore that rose hue, so very feminine.

    Personally I am not sure about the shape of the Charlie. I normally like satchels but this one looks soft, like it might fold up unless you have enough stuff inside. I would like to see one of those in person first.

    And wouldn't that rose be nice on Elisha or Bonnie?
  6. I hope it does fold up a little. I can't imagine it would look good on me having a pillow bolster on my hip.
  7. I like the ivory but I love rose :yes:
  8. I saw this bag at Saks last night and it is a beauty. They had it in luggage and ivory. The color of the luggage is what caught my eye. I noticed that before I even really looked at the bag. It has very soft leather and is quite roomy. They didn't have it in rose as they were just starting to get in their spring bags. But in luggage it certainly is a lovely bag. (to me the ivory is way too light)
  9. Glad to hear there are many ROSE fans out there! I love the luggage color 2nd-I don't care for the ivory because I'd be so afraid to get it dirty. I wonder if the rose color is exclusive to the Kooba website....meaning it will be more rare as it seems the other websites are selling all the other colors. I've yet to see the rose on any other website. Thanks for your input! :smile:
  10. Hi

    Have any of you got weblinks of places who stock Kooba.

    I have looked on, but would like to look at stockist sites.

  11. I know that eluxury has the Nicole in rose online, but they don't have a picture! Nordstrom's has a large selection of the spring bags. They had each of the bags in every color. They had the Charlie in black, luggage, ivory and the yummy, gorgeous rose. Good luck in finding what you want. You really can't go wrong!
  12. I totally love the Rose color. I say go for it! I really would like the Nicole in Rose.
  13. I just ordered a Rose Charlie from my seller. I have decided after careful consideration and hubby saying he liked my Luggage Nicole alot that I would Keep the Luggage Nicole and sell the Rose one. I didn't want 2 bags of the same style but I couldn't decide on colors. Now this solves my problem.
  14. i really really really like the rose :smile: i think the rose looks the best too
  15. There is a thread if you do a search for 'where to find Koobas' already.

    I LOVE the rose color, good choice, and yes I wish it came on the Elisha/Bonnie :yes: