Thoughts on the Griet?

  1. I have bought/returned/sold so many LV's - always searching for the "perfect" bag for me. I am returning my BH tomorrow because it doesn't stay on my shoulder very well, and I'm just not "in love" with it. When I was in the LV boutique a few weeks ago, I looked at the Griet, and am crazy about the style! I will have to order from another store, as my local LVs don't have any in stock, and they are out of stock online. Should I order one? Does anyone have a Griet, and if so, what do you think about it? Any info would be much appreciated before I order it and wait like a crazywoman for the delivery man for days on end! Thanks so much!!!
  2. I don't own one yet but I would love one in Damier.
  3. I have not yet seen one either IRL, however it seems to be a selectipn TDF IRL. The question is, have you seen the Griet Monogram Mirage? It is simply gorgeous. I understand that it is a limited edition, and if you take a peak you will see why. The inside has a beautiful frame closure similar to an old school; bag yet it has all of the detailing of hot, hot off of the runway. The handle is a beautiful shinly black and the inside lining is a supberb soft black suede. My guess is that once you have placed your eyes on it you IRL you will more than likely immediateoy fall in love lie the rest of us did. Just beware of the price tag, not so sweet. Its in the area of $3500.00.
    Check it out though- Enjoy-
  4. I tried on the Griet in the store and while it is gorgeous (esp in mirage and damier), I found it to be bulky, heavy and just kinda an awkward bag to carry. It is stunning however for an everyday bag, I wouldn't find it practical.
  5. I had the Mirage Griet. I loved the style of the bag and the way it looked, yet I ended up returning it because I felt it was too bulky and heavy. I didn't feel it was practical to have a bag that would just lay around for that price.
  6. I loved the Griet in the mirage, didt really care for it in the damier and mc I saw. Haven't seen a mono version.
  7. I have the black MC Griet and I love it! It is big...but I carry a lot so it is terrific. I just took it on a trip to Florida and it was great as it was big enough for magazines, book, water, wallet, camera, etc etc on the plane but also great to use as an everydy bag when I got there. Also, I get quite a few compliments on it! :smile:. In hindsight...I do kinda wish that I had gotten it in the Damier....but at the time, I was really looking for an MC bag :smile:.
  8. We have the Griet mirage in at the moment at our store and it is just jaw-droppingly gorgeous, but thankfully I
    A) Already have the speedy in noir
    B) That bag is just HUGE, and while the Mahina is huge and quiet about it because it is unstructured. The Griet is stiff and BIG. If it came in burgandy I might be able to get over the hugeness and the price tag but thankfully it doesn't.
  9. I adore the Griet as well, but I took myself off the waiting list when I saw it IRL because of the size. Queenmab, your description is perfect! My main issue was that it was so structured, it kept its shape which was beautiful, but this made it awkward to carry KWIM? I think it is one of those bags you really need to try on IRL to decide becuase it looks fab, but you really should test out how it feels since it is so large.
  10. Thank you all for your input! I went to LV today to return my BH, and decided to go ahead and order the mono canvas Griet:yahoo:. The SA said there are only 20 left in the US, so they will have it sent to my store within the next week or so. I was hoping to take another look at the MC Griet that was in the store recently when I went in, just to try the bag on for size before ordering, but they had already sold it, so I'll just have to try it out when it arrives. I hope that I will love it as much IRL as I do in pictures, but if not, I guess I can return it and try something else out... I'll post pics and let ya know what I think of it when it comes in! Thanks, again!!
  11. ^^^ Congrats ... looking forward to your pics!
  12. it's GORGEOUS, but awkward and heavy....I had one in Damier for about a week but had to return it due to a problem with the lining. I didn't decide to replace it though because it was just too bulky for me to carry everyday. If you love it though, then I say get it!