thoughts on the french purse?

  1. I've shied away from the koala wallet, and now i'm interested in the french purse as an everyday wallet...Thoughts on it? I think i'd either get it in mono, damier, or even MC....
  2. I have one in Pomme (for about a month). I think the new ones that are coming out have 8 cc slots but mine only has 4 (not enough!). The coin purse is very spacious and can fit cards if you need to. The bill section is deep and if you're using American bills it can be difficult to get them out and be a little messy in there. Really pretty to look at though.
  3. Think i'd be better off with the koala?
  4. I agree, the 4 slots are just not enough for me as I carry my credit/debit cards, a drivers ID, insurance card, Work ID, etc. etc. the list goes on! But I think it is the prettiest wallet for sure. If it is coming out with 8 card slots I would wait and get one of those as my only complaint is that it only has 4.
  5. I just replied to your Koala post, LOL. Compare them side by side. It took me forever to make a decision on this one!
  6. if u r thinking of a french vs a koala, then i'd say get the koala. more slots if u have alot of cards. and the clasp look better for the koala.

    my only complain about the koala is the coin compartment... not very 'finger' friendly.
  7. Id go with a koala wallet
  8. BUT the koala only has one more credit card slot than the french purse...hmmmm i'm leaning towards the french. teehee
  9. koala has 9 credit card slots (3 on each side, there are 3 sides), a slot with id window, a side slot and a bill slot.....

    attaching pics for your reference. :smile:

    hope u get the wallet of your dreams and pls post pic!!! :heart::nuts:
  10. i am in the same boat with these two wallets!
  11. I love the look and the functionality of the french purse. The one I had was stolen last year :cursing: but I loved it while I had it. (it was brand new too!)
    Anyway, the only negative thing I could say about it was the clasp on the coin compartment. Some clasps open easy, some you need the jaws of life to open so make sure you test it out before you buy.:yes:
  12. ditto.. i love the look of the koala and i actually have both the french and the koala, but the french is def more finger friendly :yes:
  13. Thanks for the input guys :yahoo:
  14. i also have a problem with the clasp! it would open in my bag and all my coins would come out - and sometimes while i was holding it at an awkward angle!
  15. Mono would be perfect. I love my sister's. I think I will be getting one very soon.