Thoughts on the Four-Key Holder..? Need opinions.

  1. Hello everyone. My father asked me if I wanted anything LV for Christmas that is under $300 (since he's already got me a Balenciaga bag for Christmas :yahoo:).

    I've been looking at eluxury all night at LV accessories. I already have a Framboise Vernis cles which I use as a change holder. I have a mono Pochette and an azur mini Pochette, and I have a frambroise small ring agenda which I use as a wallet, so I don't know what else I "need", but then the 4 key holder caught my eye.

    I don't have any MC items, so I'm thinking of getting a white MC 4 key holder, but I don't know if it's worth it, or if it's useful. I only have 2 keys, my house key and my car key, which is also the key fob (key fob is built into the key) so I'm not even sure if that key will fit. I'm also worried about getting a MC for a few reasons....

    My Dad would be ordering it online, so I worry about not getting a nice color combo. I also worry about the white getting dirty and the color flaking, but then again I'm pretty careful with my things...

    SO, that being said, what is everyone's opinion of the 4 key holder? Is it worth it? What's everyone's opinion on the key holder in the white MC? I'm not a huge fan of MC unless it's an accessory, so this would be my first and maybe only MC, or should I get an Azur, since I already have an azur accessory to go wit it?

  2. I like mine, though I only use 2 of the spaces on mine for keys (house and mailbox). My mom has keys on two different ones (house and mailbox on one and car keys on another). I like them, they're convenient and I like the space in the back, I store bandaids back there lol. I always need them for painful shoes so it's easy to keep them handy there.
    I don't think the white MC will get dirty easily at all...unless you're constantly letting printed papers or dirty items rub against it all the time. I've kept my white MC mirror in the pocket of my bags with other items and it's still perfect!
  3. I love the 4 Keyholders. I think they are a very fancy way to carry your keys around. I had to get one .... even though I only have 3 keys.

    I use to have a MC Keyholder but I sold it because the bottom of the keys kept scraping the inside interior leaving black smudges. :push: That really upset me because I think the 4 Keyholders look best in MC.

    So I decided to go with the Damier 4 Keyholder because the interior is very dark and if the keys happen to scratch it again you won't be able to tell.
  4. i'm not a real fans of a key holder unless it's a cles :p

    i would prefer a MC cles or something like MC scarf
    [​IMG] for 260

    [​IMG] for 285

    [​IMG] 135 & [​IMG] 120

    [​IMG] for 335 (maybe u can add urself)

    [​IMG] 360 (maybe u can add 60?)

    [​IMG] 345 (add 45, and it's cuter, u can put money or flatt stuffs too)
  5. I actually just bought the Mono-6 Key Holder on Friday and I love it. I think it's a must have for keys if you're an LV collector. Like Rebecca mentioned, they are EXTREMELY convenient. GET ONE!!!! :smile:
  6. My DH has a Damier 6 holder and LOVES it. I want a MC one but I need a 6 key so I am hoping they make a MC 6 key soon.
  7. Thanks for your opinions everyone. Right now I'm trying to decide between a white mc or an azur 4 key holder... BUT.....

    What exactly is this? What does it look like inside? Does anyone have this and pictures of the inside?


  8. it's a porte monnaie plat
    it looks like this on the inside
  9. I have two 4 key holders the first one is Pomme Vernis and the second is Black MC. It's prob. my most used accessory other than my wallets. They're cute, pretty, add a nice splash of color in my bags and keep my keys from marking up things in my bag.
  10. i love my four key holder. they ae very useful and with the keys being protected it means nothing in my bag gets scratched.
  11. Keyholders are great. Especially when you put them in your pocket, you won't be jabbing yourself anymore and they can double up as a wallet when you go out.
  12. I bought the mono 6 key holder last month and I don't know why I waited so long. It is the most useful accessory-except for the cles that I have. I tried the 4 key holder but it was too small for all my keys. MC is beautiful, I say go for it!!!
  13. mine is a damier 6 key holder and i love it! it's quite useful IMO.
  14. I love mine I don't know why I waited so long to get one...
    keys%20001.jpg keys%20002.jpg
  15. Thank you for posting that pic! :okay: I ordered one a few days ago and it will arrive on Monday. It's hard at times to visualize.