thoughts on the exotic embossed sydney bags?

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  1. What are your thoughts on the two "exotic" embossed sydney bags on One is an embossed leather "crocodile" and the other is leather "lizard". I'm really liking these, but am totally new to Coach. Are they worth it for the price?

    I love the look of real exotics and have owned a few, but I am at the point where I prefer leather that looks exotic so I don't have to worry about it so much. Also, I am not in the market for a $10K bag. :P
  2. Saw them both last week. Both really well done, I preferred the lizard as the 'scales' were smaller and looked more realistic - to me anyway. Personally I found them a bit boxy and too rigid for my taste.
  3. in pictures the lizard looks more "real" to me too, so thanks so much for confirming that.

    I'm hoping I can find one at a coach store to see in person...
  4. I have the Sydney Tophandle (14615) in the Grey Embossed Lizard with Rose Gold hardware, and I really like it. I have several COACH Faux Croc Embossed bags, so I thought that the embossed lizard might be a nice change. The lining is lime green and makes for a complimentary contrast.

    I do however also like the croc embossed in this style, but I haven't pulled the trigger on that one, at least not yet!:graucho:

    Hopefully, you'll be able to check them out IRL to form your opinion!
  5. ^^I am leaning toward that one, but it's not in stock at any of the stores in my city.Is the color a true gray, or is it a greenish gray? It looks like a greenish gray online, which would be great... I have a dark gray hermes lindy and I don't want another bag in the same color.

    is the rose hardware so pretty? I am such a sucker for rose gold!
  6. IMO, it's not so much a greenish grey, but the grey appears in shades of lights & darks. So it's not a flat shade of grey and the overall bag has a glossy sheen. Now you might see it IRL and see light tones of green, but it would be very slight, imo. And yes, the Rosegold hardware is gorgeous, not too pink, but definitely not gold!
  7. I have to disagree...

    I had the grey/rose gold Sidney...ordered it the day after Christmas...returned it the day it came in.

    Now, I ordered mine sight unseen...and I was in love with the pictures. The texture and the rose gold thrilled me. However, once I got the bag--it was like "this is it?"--I had that moment.

    In my opinion, the hardware is more of a flat gold tone. I saw no pink mine whatsoever. Maybe that was a fluke...but the pictures online looked so rosy, and mine was flat and dull. That was first initial let down.

    Secondly was the color. My bag wasn't a true grey. There was a lot of green in it. Now, if you're good with that--that's one thing...but I wanted a grey bag, so naturally, I was underwhelmed.

    The texture was great, no issues there. And the lining was a nice break from the blah-lavender I'd been used to. But I don't buy bags for embossing or lining...and those two goods didn't outweigh the bad.

    It was a very "dressy" purse. Lots of detail, lots of hardware. I'm a casual girl. We weren't a good fit for each other but at least we tried.

    Overall, I didn't feel that she was worthy for her 1k price tag...$898 or under would have been more appropriate.
  8. I have the grey embossed. I hope you can see it in person, because I think the pictures make it look kinda ordinary. It's really gorgeous.

    The grey does have some green in it, but it's so neutral that it just makes it go with everything. I think the picture on the coach site makes it look far more green than it is IRL.

    The rose gold is less rose/pink than just not BRIGHT YELLOW GOLD. I like it better, because it softens the look.

    I agree, it can be a dressy bag, but it also dresses down with jeans pretty well. (The white croc is really pretty, too, but I found that one harder see looking casual.) I've gotten more compliments from strangers in the month I've had my grey embossed than for all other bags I've ever had combined.

    As for the price - yes, it's spendy. It's only worth it if you absolutely love it. But if you do, then yes, definitely.
  9. I have seen them both, and they are both pretty. Not my style though...
  10. I saw coachgrl's bag and it IS beautiful... if it was my style of bag I totally would have gotten one ;)