Thoughts on the Empreinte Business Cardholder

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  1. Just wondering if anyone has one of these and how you like it?!
  2. I have one in noir and I love it! Very roomy.
  3. Any pics? I'm going to LV tomorrow to look at the business cardholders. My 3mo old Empreinte cles has a small hole/tear near the glazing. Hoping they'll offer an exchange. Do u carry a lot of cards in yours?
  4. I am out right now but will post pics when I get home. I carry about 10-15 cards in it.
  5. Awesome, thank u! Sounds good as I'd be using it to carry about 10-12 cards and a little bit of cash. Going to get a DE cles for coins and to attach to my keys for grab-and-go.

    I hope the issue with my current Empreinte cles isn't characteristic of the leather. I want to see the cardholder in Epi too.
  6. i love this. if it came out the same time as the Cles, i would of opt for the business card holder instead bc i don't use the key hook.
  7. I wish I would have too. I do currently use the key hook on mine but it feels clunky having it dangle all the time with all my stuff in it since it's basically my wallet. Would rather have a smaller cles (canvas) attached all the time and then a cardholder for my purse!
  8. exactly, that's why i end up buying a mono cles as well. i love the fact that i can put the canvas cles in my back pocket and not worry about it losing it's shape, I'm in jeans most of the time. i do use the empriente as a small wallet but with the hook tuck in, its a waste of space. Thinking of selling it and buy the business card holder.
  9. I'll let u know what I do..going to LV this morning to see if they'll take my cles back since there's a tear.

    What do u think of the Epi cardholder compared to the Empreinte one? Think it will be more durable over time?
  10. Love it . Very practical
    Value for money
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    I had it and sold it already. It was hard to take cards out. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464443429.816464.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1464443493.184901.jpg

    The quality is not good as showed in the second picture.
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  12. Well, I got it!!!!!

    LV took back my Empreinte cles with tear and I decided on the red Empreinte business cardholder and a DE canvas cles! Much happier now!!!!!

    I almost went with the black Epi business cardholder, but it's very very stiff. Easier to take cards out of the Empreinte and I LOVE the red. Hope this Empreinte wears better than the cles did!
  13. The only EPI pieces i ever own was a full size zippy wallet, a ZCP and Noe. i find them to be very very durable but the leather is super stiff. i had a hard time taking cards out of the wallet. so if the previous poster said she have a hard time taking cards out of her Empreinte one, the Epi might be more of an issue as well.
  14. lol i just responded to you. I'm glad you love the Empriente card holder, it gives me hope. congrats on your cles as well!
  15. Ha, thanks so much! It's a lovely little piece!