Thoughts on the embossed leather stephen?

  1. What do you all think about the embossed leather Stephen in the smoky black/gunmetal color? I noticed that many of you think this style is too big for everyday use. This color seems less overtly ostentatious than the mono / leopard print that Jessica Simpson was rocking in a photo on the celebrity thread. I'm also curious about the leather and how well it would stand up. My sense is that this bag would look great crooked over your arm.

    (This site is fascinating and so much fun, by the way. I've loved looking at eveyone's gorgeous collections.)
  2. I think it looks HOT!

    but you're right, it's kinda big...I'm loving the Polly too...
  3. Good luck on your applications. I am in graduate school now (just finishing) and I think the Stephen would be a great bag for someone who has to carry books and papers around everday like I do.
  4. Yum!
    embossed Stephen.jpg
  5. Hot!!!
  6. I saw so many women yesterday carrying an embossed stephen and I must say, despite being a large bag...they all pulled it off very well, even just for shopping!
  7. I like the embossed over the just looks so stylish and something different from regular 'ole mono!
  8. They had one today at LV store on Bloor st. It's nice and not as big as I thought it was going to be. I think for the money, I would get another bag (or two!). But if you feel that you will get a lot of use out of it, GO FOR IT!
  9. LOVE this bag! I thought about exchanging one of my newly purchased LV bags for this one. Don't know if it will really be too big for me as I am really petite (5'1") and it may look like the bag is carrying me. Anyone seen a petite woman carry this off well?
  10. I have the mono stephen and as for the size, I love it. I:heart: love:heart: bigger bags. It isn't to much for me, it took me about 3 days to get used to the bigger size, and then it was pure LOVE. (I think it is a bit bigger than my speedy 30..maybe a 35??) If I want to carry a water big deal, put it in the bag!!! The strap is super nice when you need it, otherwise I keep it in the bag.

    As for the embossed leather, it is TDF!!!:nuts: I have the brown/black embossed polly, the leather is great!! I really wish they would make a speedy out of it!! Can you imagine????? :drool: You could always go to the store and try it, or order it and see what you think, for that price, you need to love it, but they always accept returns if you are not in love with it!!!

    BTW....I use the Stephen as an everyday bag, it is great!!! And I am really bad, I could care less what i have on....I use a bag for a week or two and then switch.....I paid a lot for my bags and I am going to rock them anyway I can!!!! :yes: :nuts: LOL!! So if you see a girl in jeans and a hoodie (my fav right now since I am breastfeeding, layering is good) wearing her polly or's me!!! And don't knock me....I am just enjoying my bag!!!:jammin:
  11. HOT! LOVE the embossed leather!!!

    Btw, welcome to the forum!
  12. I was there today at the Mtl LV boutique and I must say that it is FAB-SPECTACULAR! I'm only 5'2 tho... so i do think it looks kinda cumbersome and bulky.... not an everyday bag for sure... in fact, i don't know what you can use that for! gym? no way! with all the sweat dripping on it and for sure you'll need to put it in a locker...don't htink there's lockers big enough for that! lol how about travels?? ughh... not big enough of a luggage. However, if you love it, then go for it! it's stunning!
  13. I saw them IRL and they are fabulous! If I had the money I would buy one.
  14. Still not really a fan.. :shame:
  15. The embossed leather is great, but the bag is too huge. It looks like a luggage piece. I prefer the Polly, which is smaller, more feminine looking, and looks more like a dressy handbag.