Thoughts on the Eden Epi?

Feb 23, 2014
Midwest USA
I do not own the bag, so I cannot answer some of your questions. I think the bag is adorable, and your post makes me want to check it out in person in a boutique. I have looked at it many times online. The gleaming silver s-lock hardware is beautiful.

It would seem to me (but again I do not know from experience) that it would fit as much as an Alma BB.

GLD, and please post a reveal if you get one of these beauties! :biggrin:


Jul 26, 2013
Dallas/Ft. Worth
I thought it looked perfect on the LV website and tried on at the boutique. The inside I thought was on the small side. It's not hard to get in and out of as long as you don't have much inside. And I don't have an Alma BB, but I'm thinking it wouldn't hold as much as an Alma BB.


Dec 15, 2005
North of Boston
It is so beautiful. I have been tempted by it, too. I know that the mono Eden holds twice as much as the Epi version because of the gusseted sides, like an accordian, but the silver hardware is so pretty on the Epi version.

Francis T

Feb 11, 2010
I've tried this one. It can not be worn as a crossbody bag but it sits very nicely on the shoulder. It is a small bag for that price. I really really liked it but at the end I chose the petit alma indigo with shoulderstrap. Looking at this picture I think I have some regrets because the petit alma doesn't work with a shoulderstrap. Too bulky.