Thoughts on the dylan?

  1. i think it's really cute, but i'd have to see it on....i almost think the styling is a little too polished for a messenger bag, but only a try-on will tell :smile:
  2. I adore the style but it is so tiny!
  3. Nay for me.
  4. I dont like it. in person, it's really small
  5. I'm seriously considering this bag, I love the style and it looks so comfy. I've not found any pics of it being worn, though. I know it's small, but for a casual bag to nip out for coffee or out at night with, it would be great. I already have bigger bags to use as all-day totes! Would love to hear some more thoughts on it from anyone who has it or has tried it on.. also wondering if it's not too long to wear off one shoulder, rather than always across body?

  6. I think it's super cute and the leather is buttery soft. While it is small, I find it perfect for general "everyday errands", or like you said "out for coffee". It fits perfectly a wallet, lip gloss, cell, as well as (surprisingly) being able to stuff a bit more into. While it is called "cross-body", the strap is not long at all (to my surprise when I received it) so, it's perfect for over the shoulder (I got it in the moss/green color). For a smaller bag, I personally love it.
  7. (sorry for the photo quality)
    Here is a picture of me wearing my Dylan (Moss)