Thoughts on the Dr Q Groovee Satchel in Saddle?

Aug 16, 2006
Hi, first timer in the MJ subforum.

I'm really, really in love with the Dr Q Groovee Satchel, specifically in saddle. I've been browsing the forum though and people seem to love it in chocolate and nice tan more. Have you seen the saddle in real life? Is the color as pretty as they make it seem on and Is the leather soft?

Modelling pics would be SO appreciated! Thanks! :tup:


Jul 1, 2007
I owned it! Loved it ever since i got it from Net-A-Porter. And yes, the leather is really soft though not as delicate as lambskin so it is good for everyday use. :tup: Colour wise is a neutral colour which does goes with what i normally wear even with jeans.


Moving right along..
Jul 20, 2007
East Coast
black with gold hardware??!!! because all ive seen is silver hardware much did you pay hon?
mj, it's Black w/gold hardware. Here is a pic from eluxury and I paid $498. I want to see how it is, size wise, compared to the Bal PT. It costs about 1/2 less as much as one!