Thoughts on the Dentelle Fersen---too blingy?

  1. I first saw this bag at the trunk show and I was so obessed w/ the patchwork bowly that I didnt care much for it.

    i thought the chain was too bold and the bag too busy....well now I'm liking it.:push:

    but is it a practical purchase? Can it be worn w/ a lot of stuff? Also which is the more versatile color--the silver or gold?

    IMO the gold blends into the bag and matches with the whole bag but silver tones it down just a bit to where its not so LOUD.

    what are your opinions? thanks
  2. I think it's beautiful.
  3. [​IMG]

    If anyone has a pic of the gld being worn that would be GREAT!!!:graucho:
  4. I think its gooorgeous...not too blingy.
  5. [​IMG]
  6. i think it's SOOOOOOOOO gorgeous! i saw a girl w/ it last weekend and i wanted to tackle her because it was so amazing. i never liked the other dentelle styles but the fersen is tdf...esp after seeing kuuipo627's pics!
  7. Anyone have a big pic of the gold one like the pic posted above??

    I'm going crazy-----YOUR FAULT SUNSHINE :p
  8. I think the Fersen is the nicest of the Dentelle, looks brilliant! Seems bigger on than in the catalogue!
    I prefer the silver in the Dentelle but with the big gold chain then maybe the gold or would that be too much?
  9. That's what i can't figure out? :noggin:
  10. [​IMG]

    Here's a close up pic of the gold one for comparison. I found this on eBay
  11. After seeing the pics last night of Kim wearing it, I swore I was going to call today & see if I could get it. I was very good, I resisted, now with this thread you have set me off again :confused1: I really cannot afford it at the minute :sad: but I know I will be sorry if I don't, that is presuming there is one available of course! It is a fab bag & I think I would go for the silver!
  12. NO, much prefer the silver after seeing this! My personal choice of course no offence to anyone who loves the gold!

    Why does it look so huge on Kim & small in all other pics??
  13. I prefer the silver to gold I think the gold is a little too busy because the screen print and then stiching is two different colours. On the silver they are the same colour so blend alot better.

    I love the Fursten you should get it, I think it's going to be a Vuitton Classic
  14. Stop encouraging me pleeeeeessssssse!
  15. Not blingy