Thoughts on the Deauville?

  1. I love the Deauville as a bag. I'm wondering if anybody has it......does it bother you that the inside is for bottles (the elastic bands)? Do you like it as a bag? Is the size a good one? I would like the Treauville, but the handles are just too short! :confused1:

    Any thoughts or input would be great!
  2. What about a Manhattan?
  3. I have the Manhattan GM. I love this bag, but the buckle that goes over the top gets annoying!:sad: I just don't know if the inside of the bag would bug me....if it had "regular" lining I would go for it! :yes: Oh decisions, decisions!
  4. I had the Trouville and then sold it to buy the Deauville. The Trouville was very cute but too small for my needs. No, it doesn't bother me that there are elastic bands inside - sometimes I use them to hold a small water bottle. It's a pretty big bag and it gets heavy, but I'm carrying the same amount of stuff in all of my LV bags, so I guess that all of my LV bags are heavy.

    I don't use my Deauville as often, but I do like it!!! I wish it would patina more but I guess I need to use it more!!! My bag is still pretty stiff but every time I see someone else using the Deauville, it looks good!!! When I bring it to work, I tend to leave it in the office and just take my Wapity with me when I go to lunch. I also bought a mono adjustable strap for my Deauville.
  5. I've been eyeing this bag as well. It may be a bit big for me as an everyday bag, though. Thanks for starting this thread!
  6. Do you have a Speedy 30? I think that is a nice bag for everyday use!!!
  7. I have a Deauville and totally adore it. It is perhaps my favorite bag. I carry a lot of stuff with me on a daily basis so it is perfect. I use the pockets to keep my cell, my ipod, tissues and keys easily accessible. I never really use the elastic straps.

    I've had all of the alternative suggesstions made to you: the manhattan gm (the strap drove me nuts!), the trouville (too small!) and the speedy 30 (a total keeper because its so versatile) and I still like the Deauville best.

    I know a lot of people think its just SO HUGE but most everyone is toting around a very large bag. The Deauville just seems bigger because its structured instead of slouchy. I do keep a pochette inside my bag with essentials so I can just grab and go...
  8. ^^^ ITA Kymmie..I have the Deauville as well and love it:love:

    I also use the pockets for cell phone, camera, ect
  9. kymmie:

    Do you have a picture of your Deauville that you could post? I would love to see the patina on it! I have a pochette as well, but I never use it inside my LV bags. I should pull it out to use more often!!
  10. Kymmie, you're so organize. :flowers:
  11. I was in between the manhattan and the deauville and went with the deauville. I had an MC trouville and the handles, because they're placed so low, appear short and are definitely less comfortable than the huge handles of the deauville. Problem with the deauville was that it always appeared like luggage. It's very structured and very, very large - and I love big bags. It was just too big, to the point to which I felt like people were looking at me like "WHY are you carrying your suitcase to the mall? LV or not?". I traded it for a cabas piano last year and am much happier. I also have a speedy 30, which is almost equal in size to the deauville but is much less suit case-y. It doesn't give off that travel appearance.
  12. I like the deauville.
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  15. I cannot resize these photos with photobucket properly. They are so big, but there you go -- a Deauville with a patina! Stuffed with junque!