Thoughts on the Damier Azur Stole??

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  1. #1 Oct 12, 2010
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2010
    Should I get the Damier Azur Stole.. Or the mens black Damier Graphite Scarf.. My fave out of the two is the Damier Azur scarf although its made of Cashmere and silk is it ok for winter, because of the color? I live in Canada BTW... I just dont know its a birthday present from my DH.. any thoughts??:smile:
  2. I think the Azur stole is gorgeous in winter..and it's not the usual stoles you see around especially in men. So go for it! I think it'll look great!
  3. I'm female.. heh... =).. I wear a lot of black so I was thinking it would add some color..
  4. I've got the leopard stole (in marron) which I love!! I will get the Damier Azur Stole for summer/spring.
  5. ahh ya see I was thinking about the leopard stole.. I love the pink 'louis vuitton' writing on it.. The reason I didnt buy the Azur the day I saw it was because the design on it looked washed out (on purpose obviously right) though I tend to avoid anything that has that 'worn out' look to it.. but because its that beautiful creme color.. I was attracted.. hmm.. I'm gonna have to take another look at the stoles.. hehe.. =) I have so many scarves and stoles.. I just love them in all seasons.. =)
  6. My friend just got an Azur Stole and I like it when I saw he wore it the other day..
    Eventhough it does look a little worn out, but I think it looks really great! (=
  7. Ooops sorry about that :shame:
  8. Azur stole hands down
  9. Azur stole all the way...At some point I want to get it too! GL!
  10. Azur.... I love the slightly delicate washed out look!
  11. I have it. I LOVE it! It keeps me warm at work and expect it to keep me warm this winter like her "twins" the leopard stoles. I had the Damier Graphite Stole & exchanged it last year since the color did not look nice on me! GL deciding.
  12. Awesome thanks for the responses! I had a dream about the stole! you know its a good nights sleep when you dream about Louis! hehe.. when I was in the store looking at it I remember feeling how light and airy it felt in my hands, and I fell in love then!

    I love TPF.. such a great place to get info and advice! *hugs all around* Thanks again.
  13. Can't wait for your reveal. Love the damier stole!