Thoughts on the Courier?

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  1. Hi ladies,

    I just got back from NYC where I nearly picked up an Ink Courier from Barneys. FYI: The SA told me that Balenciaga is planning to discontinue the Courier bags.

    Although the bag was truly delish (very smooshy and delightfully large), I couldn't decide whether it'd last me beyond my twenties ... I'm not too keen on getting something that I'd have to wear across my chest almost all of the time either. ;)

    Let me know if you think I made the right decision ...

  2. I'd love to see pics...I am not too familiar with the Courier but I am learning!! Thanks!
  3. I have been thinking on and off about the courier, I think it is a really cool bag. Ultimately, I think for and on me, I just prefer the edge of other styles. I have seen some awesome pics of others couriers here and I love them! Some really beautiful bags...I am just on the fence when it comes to myself. As for you making the right desicion, I think you followed your instincts and went with your gut reaction. That is always a good thing rather than to buy something you are not 100% sure about!