Thoughts on the Corriere?


I'm a Mrs. now!
Apr 5, 2007
I don't own a corriere but I can say this. In person, the bag looks really big. However, once you see it on someone, it actually looks really good and not so big. I believein some threads there are pics of people wearing their corrieres. I guess the print you get depends on what print you love. How about one in every print?? :graucho: lol nah ... don't do that .. lol


Luvin my new horsie
May 26, 2006
Home on the Range
I just posted a pic of me and my corriere in Aloha Toki.... I adore this bag, have been wearing it non-stop for 3 days since I purchased it, haven't even given my stellina a chance yet. The Correire works on vacation for everything I need, little black nylon for cell on outside have my vernis LV zippy inside with no fears of color transfer, cles with rental car keys, digital cam,makeup bags, sunsceens in outside pockets with no fear of leakage and I'm fairly petite girl and just adore the way it fits. I'm loving the amore print right now. It's all I have. I'd definately get another corriere in a different print as soon as possible! It's a fabulous fabulous design!


Lovin' Toki
Feb 27, 2007
Detroit Metro Area, Michigan
I saw your pic in the other thread and it's really helpful! Someone outbid me on the Ciao Ciao so I am trying to decide which of 4 Foresta Corrieres to bid on now. If you guys get the chance please check out my post in the Authenticate This thread! Let me know what you think! :smile: :smile: :smile:


Oct 23, 2006
I have an Inferno Corriere, its pretty big but it moulds itself to your body when you wear it. It holds a LOT. One day when I am not busy I will take pics. Its probably my second fav after my Paradiso Zucca/