Thoughts on the "Consignment" shops in Japan

  1. Hello!

    Just wondering if there were any thoughts on the bags in the consignment stores in Japan. :confused1: A MILLION Birkins around...
  2. The consignment shops in Tokyo normally have more bags than the H boutiques there. I have been to a few when I lived there. A lot of the shops sell mostly new bags and some used ones. Can usually get good price for a non-birkin or non-kelly bag. But birkins and kellys are usually "obscenely" priced. :nuts:

    I have dealt with a couple when I lived there - both to consign or buy H bags. Tokyo is one city where I see a lot of women carry H bags - more so than NYC.
  3. Japan have a lot of consignment stores that sells hermes. be sure to look for the authentic one. the markup is high.

    however, if you're not the patient sort n r willing to pay the markup, go to japan and go to as many consignment stores till you find the perfect birkin + serious drooling.

    if you're willing to wait, get it from hermes.

    i don't like the idea of buying online, when it comes to hermes, i'd rather much see the bag IRL. i don't want to be 'burnt' + i want to see if the size, color, hardware, leather looks nice on me in front of the mirror.
  4. I'd rather buy from a Hermes shop than to chance getting a fake....even if you have to wait at least you know what you're purchasing..