Thoughts on the CL...

  1. Good deal on this shoe, my size as well. What do you dear ladies, who opinions are so valuble to me, think? Also, does anyone have it? Would you consider this as only dressy??:wondering All comments are welcome and appreciated.:ty:
    BGX03N1_mn sandal.jpg
  2. I'm sorry - I don't really like it. I think that CLs are best when kept simple and this shoe has a bit too much going on. However, I do think that it could look okay with a really simple dress. Also, I think that it would be difficult to dress down this shoe.
  3. I think they are beautiful, but not my personal style. If you love them, get them especially if they are marked down.
  4. I dont have the Guizine but I think its a very feminine style. I love it in its other colours more. The ones I have see are teal\blue and violet. I really think the contrast of the patent and satin is quite unique ..
  5. That is kinda what I was afraid of. Thank you!
  6. I like them! I think you can 'dress down' any sandals nowadays. :smile:
  7. hmmm looks quite unique, with sort of an oriental feel to it? it's more like an art piece to me. i wouldn't wear them on a daily basis but probably for really special occasions since they do have a distinctive look which i might get quite bored of after a while...
  8. I'm wondering what you could wear with this.. :shrugs:
  9. This is why I love you all. Sometime you know right off the bat and other times you think, I dunno?? I need advice. To the rescue.. my TPF buddies.:tup::tup:
  10. Sorry - not my type. I would very much say that these would be more of a dressed up shoes. It would be difficult to wear this with jeans.
  11. i think if you wore them with jeans it might seem as though you are trying too hard to dress them down......if that makes sense!
  12. I love them. I tend to dress simply and so have more leeway with my accessories, so these would be great in my shoe collection. Personally, I see these with a black pencil skirt and a nice blouse or a camisole with a contrasting V neck cardigan (to dress it down a bit) with gold buttons to bring out the gold in the shoe. I might also do these with the black pencil skirt and a black, wide, shiny croc belt and a simple button-down or blouse. I'd probably also wear these with a simple sheath dress, with or without a cardigan. I might even do them with very straight, tailored, black Bermudas. All in all, I'd keep the silhouette lean and the skirt or Bermudas right around knee length, since the straps that wind up towards the back of the ankle won't be advisable for longer lengths, unless you have endless legs (which I don't :crybaby:). Admittedly, I'd probably save the shoes for a more finished look than my normal everyday dress.

    CJY, do tell us if you'll pick them up! :yes:
  13. ^^I love reading your posts!
  14. Fate, if you were to write a book I would be the first in line to buy it!:tup:
  15. Fate...update
    I decided to pass since I was able to purchase a pair of FoxTrots! I adore these shoes and could not pass them up. I should have them in a fews days:tender:And no I do not have endless legs either:crybaby::crybaby:Only 5 foot 1, Oh well at least my ankles are small, I do have that.