Thoughts on the "chic and soft" shopping tote

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  1. Hi! Have any of you seen the Spring/Summer bag called the "chic and soft shopping tote" IRL? I saw it for the first time today and am kind of liking it! Borrowed this photo from another site and would love to hear your thoughts on this bag. TIA :smile:

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  2. I would love to hear more about this as I am considering the Dior soft. Hubby would rather I get the Chanel GST, but I don't like how boxy it is.

    Do you mind sharing the price on the pictured bag? Is there a zippered compartment?
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    there are 2 sizes. 8.6 11.8 4.7 @ 4500
    10.6 13.3 . 7 @ 4900
    there is a zipper on the bigger one but from pictures there doesn't look to be one on the smaller version.
    here is a pic
    click the little plus symbol in the bottom right corner and you will be able to see both sizes side by side.
  4. Looks lovely! Let us know if you go for it and don't forget to post pics!
  5. It looks like a great tote.
  6. Thank you! The price point is much higher than the Dior and the GST. I rarely use shoulder totes and will probably only use it a few times each year, so this is much more than I want to spend. It's a really nice looking bag though. Please post modeling pics if you get it.
  7. I do like it however, my hubby hates it. He is off to europe next month.he is picking out my bag not worried cause he has great taste. I have no idea what I am getting. I will post pics when he gets back.
  8. That is awesome! My hubby also has great taste when it comes to bags, although sometimes his opinion doesn't match mine and then he tries to influence me into getting what he wants me to carry.

    I hope you love whatever he chooses for you. :smile:
  9. Oh ya he definitely has a very strong opinion on certain bags. A few years ago he knew nothing. Now he knows all the names of all the bags. It is so cute.:biggrin: I am sure that he will do a good job at picking me out something.he picked out my first bag a gst. He was supposed to have knee surgery but postponed it just to get me my bag.he walked all over paris to find it and was in major pain. I tried to stop him from going but he booked the ticket behind my back. He is such a doll. But he is crazy .
  10. I swear he sounds just like my husband. He sounds amazing and like you are his first priority. We are both very lucky to have men like them - men that put us first and understand (and encourage) our crazy handbag obsession!!
  11. I love it! I saw it on Chanel's website also and called Chanel to find out details on which stores would be receiving it. I'm only interested in the smaller size. They could not provide me any information unfortunately :sad:

    When I went to my local Chanel boutique in Houston, my SA told me they have ordered it in black, but only in the larger size.

    I still have my eyes on the Timeless CC tote - may just have to cave in and purchase the black one. It's also a little less expensive than this one (it's $3,300)

    Husbands - those with fashion saavy hubbies are lucky! My husband has NO CLUE about handbags and wonders why in the world I need so many.
  12. Girl you know it! We are so very lucky.after a dating a buch of losers I hit the jackpot!! Sounds like we both did. My babes will text me like hey, did you see kim kardashians new hermes bag?? I just shake my head and laugh. I am glad to hear that you have an amazing husband as well.
  13. For the price point of a tote, I rather contribute into a flap.
  14. It's really pretty and buttery! In person it did look and feel like it would easily scratch and would show it. But if you plan on being careful with it, it's a keeper!
  15. Yes, we are very lucky. And our husbands are lucky that they hit the jackpot too. Ha!