Thoughts on the Burberry Britain Watch?

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  1. Burberry recently launched it's iconic watch, THE BRITAIN, which is automatic unlike other Burberry watches and priced a tad bit higher as well. What are your thoughts on the watches? They come in various designs and are statement pieces in my opinion. :smile: Opinions welcome!

    One With Diamonds in Trench Color- The Britain BBY1400 38mm Quartz retails at $3995

    One In Black Strap-
    The Britain BBY1200 43mm Automatic retails at $1795

    One In Trench Color-
    The Britain BBY1000 47mm Automatic Power Reserve retails at $3995

    One In Redish Burgundy Brown Color-
    The Britain BBY1201 43mm Automatic retails at $1795

    One In Brown Color-
    The Britain BBY1202 43mm Automatic retails at $1795.
    3c2c4b37ddb54518ba91888ed6d436587900cff5.jpg 4e1f9ebc192d1528415f510e63446683b5641af3.jpg 54b4a1f26d455192b0b8351ae826d71a7dd78dc3.jpg e95108e48948e0ce3dd0d7aead5fbf4199bf3a57.jpg cc18451f55b36f2f523f897cc3cd09b269222dc4.jpg
  2. I particularly like the plainer ones with either the black or warm chestnut brown straps. I think they look effortlessly smart.
  3. I personally like the reddish burgundy brown croc strap... It rlli gets me
  4. I personally like the reddish burgundy brown croc strap...
  5. The last picture is my fav (like a tannish light brown-- trench color?). It's gorgeous & seems very transitional through seasons.
  6. yeah it is i think....with the diamonds, it looks cool...:smile:
  7. I like the one with the black strap.
  8. It's quite nice but my fav is the burgundy/bordeaux strap.:smile: