Thoughts on The Bouvier?

  1. What do you guys think of the Bouvier Line? It is really growing on me, especially some of the fall colors. I think it would make a really nice everyday bag. Thoughts?
  2. i love the bouvier :smile: it's a spin-off of the older jackie o. hobo (i recently just found out that bouvier was jackie's maiden last name hehe). its my favorite shape and for sure it will be a classic. :smile:
  3. do you have pictures?
  4. I believe its the one with the clip closure ;) Here's a pic from one of their fall bags

    I think the Bouvier line is a wonderful, classic style :flowers:
  5. here are the pics! the first one is one of my bouviers, i posted the actual pics a few threads below this one. i also have the bronze-gold one which i sooo love. :girlsigh:

    the next is nicky hilton with a pigna print bouvier (wasn't into that print) and lilo carrying one but its not that seen (just saw it in the lindsay style site). the last is a model with the gold one in large.:smile:

    red gucci bag.jpg

    nicky hilton bouvier pigna print.jpg

    lilo bouvier.jpg

    gold guccissima.jpg
  6. ooh thank you for the beautiful pics, pixie!! And congrats on your gorgeous bags! I really want the new fall style in the cactus green!
  7. How much is this bag? Is it a copy of a bag that Jackie O had?
  8. according to the website, it starts at 895, and it goes up from there.
  9. I have green guccissma/matching wallet I got it a few months ago and I love it. VERY CLASSIC
  10. yup! its a version of this bag.:yes:

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