Thoughts on the Botkier Crosby satchel? Is it "blah"?

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  1. Does anyone have this bag? Is the leather nice? Is it functional?

  2. oooh, I'm loving that, but I don't have it so i can't say what it looks like irl!
  3. it seems nice & functional..i like it..looks like a great everyday bag
  4. I've never seen that particular Botkier, but generally, I think the leather is really nice- with the exception of a metallic clyde, it was icky. I don't think it is blah- I like it, good for daily use, with some interesting details.
  5. I've seen the bag and thought it was nice. I really like Botkier in general. I don't think you can really go wrong with the leather. I think I wasn't a huge fan of the gold tassles but that's just because I haven't made the switch back to yellow gold yet. I still seem to like the edginess of white, but hey - I'm totally behind the times with that notion. Yellow is in all the magazines and has been for quite some time. Buy it if you love it.:tup:
  6. I'm guessing the leather is typical Botkier, very buttery soft and touchable (but I haven't seen it in person). I'm torn on the gold tassels, on the one hand I think they're a little much but on the other hand I think the bag would be kinda plain without them. Overall I do like it a lot!
  7. I had this bag in the Sienna color. It's a beautiful bag. Beautiful suede Botkier lining. It's a nice stachel thats roomy but keep it's shape....BUT....The side pockets were a falult for me. Love the look but to have to undo the turnlock flap and then undo the zipper just to get your cell phone was too problematic. But boy was it pretty.
  8. I like the look of this, and although I'm not a tassle person as such I think they really bring something to it's looks - it'd otherwise be a rather staid bag I think, but it's really interesting. :tup: