Thoughts on the beige/black reporter

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  1. Anyone who has this bag or had seen it in person do you think it is difficult to match??

    I have never owned a beige bag and to me it just seems weird/hard to match. Its not quite the same as tan
  2. Whenever I had mine, I didn't think it was difficult to match, but everyone I've talked to says otherwise.
  3. ^^^Hmm. So its not just me. It might be difficult to match?

    Anyone else?

    Roey I already know that you don't think it difficult. You are the head cheerleader for the beige/black reporter. LOL:lol:
  4. [​IMG]

    I just stole this gorgeous pic from Roey's thread to show you guys what it looks like?

    Hard to match? Yes? No??:girlsigh:
  5. :whistle: :whistle:
  6. Are you getting this one too, Iluvbags? If you have the funds, I'm saying, go for it!! :whistle: :lol:
  7. Yeah, pick the money off your tree and buy it!!

  8. ^^Well double and roey, my Chanel reporter sorority sisters :lol: --- I DON'T have a money tree unfortunately. BUT since an SA had found a beige reporter and its discontinued AND on sale I was just thinking I should go for it. :shame:

    But I was supposed to call before closing w/ my info and didnt. I was not where I could get to my credit card info. So now its probably gone anyway.

    I just thought that it was a good deal and I shouldnt pass it up. But once I also started thinking about the color I was wondering if I would use it much.

    Beige IMO, just seems difficult to match.

    I dunno. maybe I was just trying to talk myself out of the purchase.
  9. Tell yourself it was probably in bad shape - a messed up return! You're right; it wasn't meant to be. Remember, nothing is a good deal if you're not going to use it! :biggrin:

  10. Yeah. You're probably right.:yes:
  11. I agree that it might be hard to match. :wondering
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